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Shall I Go for Erbium Yag Again Even After Having 3 Sessions Which Gave Me Half Results

i had erbium laser and got just ok result so shall i now go fr fraxel or erbium yag again? also i think the person who did my erbium yag was not well trained and decreased the heat whenever he saw me in a bit pain irrespective of my scars, maybe due to which i got partial results so shall i now opt for erbium or fraxel(much more expensive)?

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Secondary Laser treatment

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Laser treatments vary depending on the operator and the settigs used for the treatment.  Therefore, your treatment results may be better with another Erbium treatment.  Fractionaly CO2 laser resurfacing is a great option for someone who has not been happy with previous laser results.  It allows for resurfacing as well as skin tightening. 

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Fractional Erbium laser for scar treatment

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I suggest at least 5 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart for Fractional erbium laser for scar treatments!

It takes at least 6 months after the last treatment to see the final results!

Good luck!

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