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Flushed Face, Frontal Sinuses?

I have recently been to an ent who did a ct scan on my frontal sinuses, although they were clear I have a deviated septum and swollen turbinates or something or air pockets which needs to be corrected i can't remember exactly. It's all been getting worse since having a baby 4 months ago. I have been having a lot more episodes of feeling flushed in the face without a temp and my nose is blocked a lot and headaches. Any thoughts on what's going on I'm so sick of the red hot face and stuffy nose :(

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Hormone shifts in pregnancy and the post-partum period can affect your nose!


The hormone shifts that occur in pregnancy and in the post-partum period (whether you are breast-feeding or not), can cause nasal congestion, sinus headaches, migraines, allergic symptoms, nosebleeds, and facial flushing. It can take 6 months to a year after you stop breastfeeding for things to normalize. If you never had trouble breathing through your nose prior to your pregnancy, I would wait it out a bit and see if your symptoms improve. If you had trouble breathing through your nose prior to your pregnancy, i would consider surgery. Obviously, a full in-person examination and review of your imaging is needed to give you comprehensive advice.

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