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Can I Fix my Asymmetrical Eyes?

Most of the questions I found on here about facial asymmetry had to do with the jaw or eyelid. My eyes are the exact same shape and my eyelids are symmetrical (as far as I can tell anyway). But my eyes are not level. My right eyes sits higher than my left one by a about a fraction of a centimeter. Is there anyway to correct this?

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Correction of Eye Asymmetry

Everyone of us is asymmetrical. We have asymmetrical eyes, mouths, breasts, arms, buttocks, legs and more. Correction of asymmetry is very challenging and almost universally impossible when it comes to most areas.

Having asymmetrical eye sockets (dystopia) is much more of an issue with severe facial injuries where the asymmetry is great and any improvement or lessening of the asymmetry is welcome. I seriously doubt that an ethical craniofacial surgeon would do the extensive operation required to move the orbit to correct a 1 mm difference. Risky, expensive and very likely worse than the original condition.

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Asymmetrical eyes

What you have described is either hyperglobus (eyeball pushed up; e.g. from a tumor) or hypertropia (eye is not aligned vertically with the other one). The causes are numerous, and range from benign to serious. You should go have a thorough orbital and strabismus assessment. Eye movement testing, globe position eyes (exophthalmometry), cover/uncover testing, and possibly imaging (like CT scan), among others things, may be necessary.  

Jeremiah P. Tao, MD
Irvine Oculoplastic Surgeon

Assymetric eyelids

It's sounds as if you are describing ptosis of one eyelid or a droopy lid compared to the other. Correction of this lifts one eyelid surgically to make it symmetric with the other.

Etai Funk, MD
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Can't correct all asymmetries

It shoulds like your asymmetry is related to bone structure. You likely have asymmetry of you eye sockets. Sometimes differences in the eye sockets can be result of accidents and trauma and can be severe enough to cause double vision. In these rare cases, surgery may correct it. But in your case a mild cosmetic symmetry, the solution is much worse than the problem. Besides, you are probably the only one who notices and not obvious to other people.

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