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What to Do About Facial Cyst?

I have had facial cyst present for over 3 months despite being on Accutane? I have nodule cystic acne and have been on Accutane for 2 1/2 months (20mg for the first two months, 60mg for the last two weeks).

My concern is that I have had a cyst on my cheek that has been present for the last 3 1/2 months. My doctor has injected it (or other cysts/nodules around it) twice with kenalog, yet it is still present and currently rather inflamed. What else should  my doctor do about this cyst?

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Persistent facial cysts


This can be a difficult problem and you have been treated appropriately to date. Sometimes what appears to be a persistent cyst is actually just scar tissue surrounding the old cyst remnants. In any case, your options are limited , the next step would potentially be excision if it bothers you cosmetically, but you must recognize that excision itself may leave you with a permanent scar that is sometimes more noticeable than the cyst itself.

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