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Will Nerves Reattach After Face Lift?

One and a half years after a face lift, is tingling in the right side of the face and neck common? Will the nerves ever reattach?

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Tingling is a good sign after Facelift


Cheek tingling after a facelift can last 2-3 years and is largely due to recovery of the nerves that supply the skin. Most commonly, patients report it is not terribly bothersome and most gladly trade their improved look for some temporary tingling. Gradually over time, these sensations should disappear.

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It might still be possible for nerves to re-attach


One sign of nerve regeneration is tingling. If this sensation is moving toward your ear, it might be a sign of the nerves re-growing. You won't know what your total final sensory recovery is until about 2-3 years after surgery. Massaging the area and taking B complex vitamins may help to stimulate recovery and also to desensitize any hypersensitive areas. Good luck!

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Numbness after a facelift


Sensory nerves are stretched, pulled, bruised and sometimes cut during a facelift procedure. Nerves re grow very slowly, taking 9-12 months to regenerate and sometimes they do not regenerate at all. Since you are experiencing some tingling, that would mean the nerves are still intact, so you may regain sensation in that area in the future.

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Facelift - Will Nerves Reattach After Face Lift?


Nerves do regrow to a certain extent but tingling at one and a half years after a facelift is somewhat unusual, and it's possible that these sensations will not improve on their own.  It can take a long time for things to settle down and heal completely, but tingling is often specifically related to the fine nerves in the area that had surgery.  If it's been like this since the surgery then you cannot necessarily assume that the rate of your progress will suddenly change.  If this is a new symptom you should, of course, address it with your surgeon.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

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Nerve damage after a face lift


Probably they will.

First question - is the tingling the same ever since the face lift? Or has it just appeared? Or is it slowly improving?

  1. For most people, face lift numbness goes away by 18 months after surgery. Return of feeling begins with tingling.
  2. If nothing has changed, it is possible your nerves heal especially slowly.
  3. It is possible a nerve has been damage. It may be possible to treat this.

What to do? First ask your original surgeon. Then get a second surgical opinion. And consider seeing a neurologist as well. Best wishes!

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Tingling and Numbness after Facelift - Will it go away?


The reason for numbness after a face lift  is that when skin is undermined the microscopic plexus of nerves is divided but in just about all cases reattach over several months up to a year  or more and normal sensation is returned. Tingling is a good sign that they are reattaching and that it is likely your sensation is in the process of returning.  After this period of time may represent an injury to an underlying named sensory nerve. 

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Postoperative Tingling After A Facelift


Tingling after a facelift one year postoperatively is highly uncommon.  Most likely causes of tingling include the following:

  • Recovery of sensory nerves- Every patient will have some degree of numbness early on.  The vast majority have this restored within one month to 6 months.  There are some cases which take up to 2 years for this to restore.  Nerve regrowth is variable in every patient.  Some patients swear by homeopathic nerve regrowth remedies.
  • Hypertrophic scar or keloid- Can give the sensation of tingling.  

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Nerve reattachment after facelift


It is not common to have tingling in the right side of the face and neck after a facelift. At this point, the nerves will not improve and it most likely a permanent sequela. The tingling in the right side of the face and neck is most likely a result of a cutting or stretching of the greater auricular nerve which innervates the right side of the front part of the ear and the ear itself.

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Tingling of nerves in face


TIngling in the face a year and a half after surgery most likely will not get better on its own. This is most likely a neuroma of some sort whether from a cut sensory nerve or a traumatized nerve.

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Nerves may regenerate long after your face lift


Most of the nerve recovery after facelift surgery occurs by one year post-op but it is possible that your nerves are still regenerating. Sometimes avoiding caffeine will help to minimize the tingling Supplementing with B-complex vitamins do help support nerve function. You can use sublingual B-12 tablets that you just put under your tongue and let it dissolve. (I have seen this at a great price at Costco). One a day or every other day is plenty. I think they are 2500micrograms.

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