Face Has Become an Ugly Shape. Changed when I Was 16 I Am Now 23 and Just Sick of Being More and More Ugly? (photo)

What needs to change on my face to be better looking, or at least the shape I was before, which was a smoother bone structure. now it's seems like I have this long square face with puffed cheeky smile and my face gets more ugly and my eyes look way smaller. My face became more flat and my nose way long. I am female and this is hard to deal with. it's like I became uglier than a drag queen. I weigh about 120-125lb and I'm 5'6".

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You have a self-esteem problem.


Where does one get started?  I am a stranger so telling you are beautiful is basically irrelevant.  So instead let me help you understand why you are not "uglier than a drag queen."  This will sound so very cliche but beauty is not really found on the face.  It comes from first feeling good about ourselves.  Only then do you have the motivation and confidence to show yourself to the world in a positive way.  It can't be faked.  Very few of us have the energy to fake inner beauty.  One can't do psychotherapy on this forum.  However, I sense that this is precisely where you need to begin your journey.  Someone has convinced you that you are ugly.  It might be a close friend or family member.  It might be an impression you get watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  Whatever the source, this is where you need to begin to work to feel better about yourself.  A mental health professional like a psychologist, family counselor, or psychiatrist can help you with this process.  Once you are in a better place, addressing minor physical dissatisfactions with cosmetic surgery become much more straight forward.

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