Under Eye Filler and Severe Pressure on Forehead?

I had a undereye filler injected a month ago and have had some headaches and pressure around the eye that lasted a week.Then all pain and pressure feeling went away for like two weeks.Now I started having extreme pressure in my forehead and headaches all around my head.I went to see a doctor and had some X-rays for my forehead which showed a sinus infection in my forehead.I haven't mentioned to the doctor I have done an undereye filler injection.Could the undereye filler cause this problem?

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Under Eye Filler and Severe Pressure on Forehead?

This is probably just a sinus infection and coincidentally had fillers applied to the tear troughs recently. Give it time and if you're still concerned, follow up with your medical provider

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Under Eye Fillers Is Not The Cause of Your Sinus Pressure

You have sinus pressure and headaches with radiological evidences of a sinus infection.  The pain and pressure you are having are secondary to your infection, and it would be extremely unlikely that the filler underneath your eyes would be a cause.

Pressure on Forehead


Sometimes you may experience pressure on the forehead. When injected under the eyes the forehead muscle becomes tense.

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