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Can I Exfoliate One Month Post Op for Rhinoplasty?

One month post op and pores are clogged and skin peeling. Is it ok to gently exfoliate?

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Exfoliation after rhinoplasty


I would recommend waiting for any exfoliation after a rhinoplasty. The skin is still swollen after one month, and it is still healing. Discuss this with your surgeon, but I'm guessing they will recommend that you wait.

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Exfoliation 1 Month Post Rhinoplasty


Exfoliation 1 month after rhinoplasty sounds a little premature. Discuss this with your surgeon who can evaluate your skin and knows exactly what was done during the operation. Your skin reaction is normal - there are many optons to improve skin quality.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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When can you have a facial after Rhinoplasty


After Rhinoplasty your skin is traumatized. its been undermined, stretched, bruised and twisted during surgery. It reacts, and for several weeks after it goes through a fairly predictable process. It swells obviously, and this takes months to fully settle. The skin glands react by over stimulation and your skin turns oily and white and black heads appear. Also it goes through a period of being dry with exfoliation of sheets of dead skin. Having a facial on or near the nasal skin must be avoided for 2 months. Washing with a bland soap is encouraged.

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Exfoliate nose after rhinoplasty


I would be very cautious about exfoliating your nose and having facials only 4 weeks after surgery. You really do not want to disrupt anything or damage the skin in any way.

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Exfoliating after nose job or rhinoplasty


I would be hesitant to recommend this unless I were more familar with your particular situation. This could be a reasonable option but I would likely be cautious and advise you to wait 3 months. However, it would depend on the method of exfoliation.

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Peeling nasal skin after rhinoplasty


Dear Rhinoplasty patient from Atlanta,
One month after rhinoplasty great portion of nasal swelling has subsided. At this point appearance of white heads and peeling skin are normal phenomena. Talk to your physician about this matter, he is the one who cares for you healing nose. Good luck and good healing

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