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When Can You Exercise After Getting Dysport?

I've heard 12 hours. I have also heard just to not turn upside headstands as with yoga or gymnastics.

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Dysport and Exercise after the injection

I typically tell my patients not to lie down for four hours after the injection. In terms of exercise, I ask patients to go back to their work out schedule the next day. By doing so, I try to prevent excessive manipulation of the area of the injection in the first 12 to 24 hours, as could happen when wiping off sweat, lying on a weight lifting bench, etc.

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Exercise after Botox

Most doctors recommend waiting to exercise for  four hours after injection, the theory is that we want the botox to remain where we put it and if you exercise and increase the blood flow and pressure to the area it could move where we dont want it. However this is theoretical and there are no studies proving one way or the other.

Robyn D. Siperstein, MD
Boynton Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

Exercise After Dysport

We usually recommend that our patients do not lie down for 4 hours and do not exercise or do any vigorous activities for 12 hours after their injections to prevent migration of the product. Although it has not been proven to have negative effects if you do not follow these instructions, it can be worthwhile to minimize any possible complications.


I recommend that patients do not lay down for at least 4 hours after getting Dysport or Botox.  In terms of exercising, I recommend that they continue this the next day.  

Sam Naficy, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Exercise After Dysport Injections

ANY exercise after Dysport, Botox or any neuromodulator injections is fine. Its ok to go on about your normal workout routine and daily activities immediately after a Dysport treatment. 

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Dysport - When Can You Exercise After Getting Dysport?

Fair question - no absolute answer.

I do not know of any studies that have addressed this specifically, and you can see that the range of responses is from about 2 hours to about 12 hours. 

I'm actually not sure that ANY time off is necessary in terms of affecting the final result - but I do usually advise my patients to wait until the next day.  However, this is as much to recover from the physical effects of the injections as for the effects of the Dysport itself.

There is inevitable a little bleeding and/or bruising as a result of nearly any series of injections, and I urge my patients to rest and apply some compression and/or ice to the treated areas afterwards.  If there is a small amount of bleeding withing the muscle, and you exercise to the extent that you increase your pulse and blood pressure, you could exacerbate that bleeding.  That's the basis for my recommendation that people stay calm and rested for about 12 hours after the injections.

What people actually do is, of course, out of my control, and if they do exercise right away they certainly don't discuss that with me.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

We tell patients they can exercise within 2 hours after Dysport injections.

We tell patients they can exercise within 2 hours after Dysport injections.  We do tell them that it is helpful for the next 2-3 hours not to do any exercise which involves putting your head below the rest of your body.  If the neurotoxin is concentrated, it gets absorbed by the body very quickly and should not diffuse from its point of injection after an hour.  However, if a lot of water was used with the concentration, there is more chance it will diffuse and so you should wait longer.  But in general, 2 hours is what I advise my patients.

Can you Exercise after Dysport

Hi Vixstew.  Our recommendation is to not exercise for at least 4 hours after the injections.  This is simply a precaution to prevent Dysport (or Botox) from migrating, which could cause unintended side effects.

Because there is not one right answer to this question, it is usually based on whatever period your injector is comfortable with based on his or her experience.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Exercise after Dysport or Botox

I have my patients avoid heavy lifting, exercise, or bending down for 4 hours after Dysport or Botox. For strenuous exercise, you can start the following day. I also advise against laying on the treated area, or having a face-down massage the day of treatment. Hope this helps.

Jennifer Reichel, MD
Seattle Dermatologic Surgeon
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Exercise after Dysport

My patients go back to their regular routine the following day. The only time frame I issue regarding outside activities is no facials for the first few days where you may experience massaging of the face and injection sites. You want the Dysport to stay in the area in which is was injected.

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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