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Excess Skin Following Massive Weight Loss & Choosing A Doctor

Hello, I have lost over a 150lbs and my stretched out skin of poor quality to begin with just hangs off me :( I live on a tiny island and the only plastic surgeons here, whom I've consulted all, never had to deal with a case like mine. I am very reluctand to let them "practice" on me... I am therefore considering travelling abroad to get all the procedures I need. I have only just begun researching but I wonder, since I'll only be able to travel once & stay for about a week, is it a good idea?

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Surgery abroad after MWL? Take at least 3 weeks


I don't know the facts of what you are actually pretending to do, but if you lost 150lbs, I guess you are at least getting a tummy tuck... Probably with liposuction... You could probably want to do some breast lift or work in your limbs... Your case have to be studied in detail.


While you find a board certified plastic surgeon that can do the surgery on you, I recommend that you plan on having at least 3 weeks to spare (preferably 4), in order to get a reasonable rehab period to go on with your day to day activities.


In my practice, I leave the abdominal drain in place at least 10 days... Even more if it keeps discharging a lot... Add to that the bruising and swelling you'll get from liposuction. So plan ahead, look for a qualified surgeon abroad; and be prepared to spend at least 3 weeks away from home.


Depending your case, you could need staged surgery too, as not everything could be done in just one procedure.

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How to pick your surgeon for reconstructive surgery after major weight loss


Congratulations on your weight loss. It's great that you lost all that weight. I would suggest you do your research carefully. Reconstructive plastic surgery after massive weight loss can be very difficult for inexperienced plastic surgeons. You should look for a board certified plastic surgeon with a significant amount of experience with massive weight loss patients. Concerning your weight-loss, I anticipate you would need either an abdominoplasty or a 360 body lift.  Depending on what other areas bother you, this can sometimes be combined with a leg lift or a breast lift and augmentation. Without pictures, determining exactly what you need is somewhat difficult. I would plan to spend at least 3 to 4 weeks close to your plastic surgeons office while recovering from a 360 body lift with your either a thigh lift  or breast reconstruction. Good luck with your surgery. Congratulations on your massive weight loss. Sincerely, Dr. Katzen

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