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Is Elidel Safe? How Should I Use It For Eczema Under Eyes?

Hello, I have mild eczema under my right eye, and my doctor has prescribed Elidel. After doing some reading, I found a lot of information about Elidel potentially causing cancer. Can anyone shed any light on that? Also, how is Elidel best used for Eczema? Once it flares up I apply until it is gone, and once gone should I continue for a few days? If that's how I am using it, is there much risk for cancer? Thanks!

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Yes, Elidel is Safe for small, limited areas of Eczema

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Yes, Elidel is safe when used sparingly once to twice per day to focal, small areas such as under your right eye for 2-4 weeks at a time when your eczema is flaring.  It is not my first choice, as I find that it is not that helpful.

I prefer a low potency corticosteroid ointment 2x / day until for up to 2 weeks.  And thereafter, a good mositurizer, like Vanicream daily or twice daily as prevention.  Good luck.

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