How Long After Gynecomastia Does it Take for Nipple Swelling to go Down and Return to Normal Size?

I had my surgery gynecomastia done for both sides a week ago and after the stitches are removed there is small amount of white discharge comming when i take a shower, there is no pain or discomfort on the right side where the discharge is coming from. also my nipples are the same large size still after the surgery, doctor says he has removed all the things inside and it should shrink. how long will it take for the nipples to get to normal size? and will it happen? it seems so much impossible.

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Nipple Swelling After Gynecomastia Surgery

Hi modindus,

Thank you for your post. At one week you should see an improvement compard to before surgery, but it is too soon to see the final result. Typically the initial wave of swelling takes 4-6 weeks to decrease with final results between 4-6 months. I would keep in close communication with your surgeon. Also you want to make sure that there is no other issues responsible for the swelling and drainage, such as a fluid collection or an infection.  For these reasons I would recommend that you follow up with your surgeon.


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How Long After Gynecomastia Does it Take for Nipple Swelling to go Down and Return to Normal Size?

I typically advise my patients that swelling and bruising after gynecomastia reduction may persist 8 weeks after surgery. 

John T. Nguyen, MD, FACS, FICS
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Swelling Following Gynecomastia Usually Resolves in 2-3 Months but May Persist Up to 6-8 Months

            The exact time it takes for recuperation and resolution of swelling varies considerably from one patient to another. Your plastic surgeon was right o tell you that on average, swelling resolves by 2-3 months, but in some cases it can be as much as 6-8 months before it is all gone, and scar tissue takes as long as 12-18 months to soften up entirely so don’t be disappointed that you are not 100% better yet. There still could be a lot of improvement to come. It also appears you are doing what you can by wearing the compression. The only other recommendation I would have is to try massaging that area to help smooth any residual folds in the tissue. 

Swelling Following Gynecomastia Surgery May Last Up To 6 Months

                  The vast majority of patients have noticeable swelling following surgical correction of gynecomastia. This swelling may persist for up to six months following treatment but has usually improved significantly within six months of surgery.

                  Compression garments and massage can minimize swelling, but even with these maneuvers there will always be some swelling present.

                  It’s still very early in your post-operative course and you can anticipate continued improvement. Be patient and make sure you discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. 

Nipple shrinkage after gynecomastia surgery

The areolae will shrink and you should see a difference within three months. You are still very swollen from the operation and have to give it time.

Robert L. Kraft, MD
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It does shrink

The areola will shrink. However, it depends on the skin character of the areola and the aggressive nature on the removal of the tissue from underneath the areola skin. I would give it more time.

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Gynecomastia Surgery Results?

Thank you for the question.

The swelling you are experiencing may be very normal at this stage in your recovery. I expect the nipple/areola  to be the same size  post operatively after most gynecomastia correction operations.  The areola may decrease in size slightly as the swelling subsides;  however, the areola may need to be reduced ( in a separate procedure)  if it's size is still concerning several months to a year after your procedure.

I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon to express your questions and concerns.

I hope this helps.

How Long After Gynecomastia Does it Take for Nipple Swelling to go Down and Return to Normal Size?

Healing could take 3 months or more. But no photo was posted so very hard to advise. Seek second opinions in person. 

Gynecomastia recovery

Like most surgeries that we perform, it will take several months for the swelling to dissipate. Give it some time.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Recovery and Swelling after Gynecomastia Surgery

There will always be some swelling after gynecomastia surgery, whether it is done by open excision or liposuction alone. The wearing of chest wraps for compression helps keep down some of the swelling and aids in the nipple and chest tissues sticking back down and being smooth. As a general rule, one should be seeing improvement in their chest contour albeit not the final result even the first day after surgery. This refers to the protrusion of the nipple. Reduction in the size (diameter) of the nipple, however, can only occur if it was specifically reduced as part of the surgery. While there will be some shrinking and small diameter reduction as the nipples retract backward, that will not result in a signficant diameter reduction.

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