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Droopy eyelid and hard sore lump on eyebrow after botox

I had botox 4 weeks ago. About a week later my left eyelid started to droop. A week later nurse injected more into crows feet area but didn't help. A week ago I got a hard ref lump in middle of eyebrow and really puffy eyelid. It eased off but days later has returned. This along with the closing eye is very embarrassing is there anything I can do?

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Need to see another Botox provider


It doesn't sound like they know what they are doing or that you are getting the real Botox.  If you indeed have eyelid droop (not eyebrow droop), injecting further Botox would not have helped.  The lump is also unusual.  Eyelid droop is extremely rare and related to poor placement of the Botox.  

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