Dental Bonding Vs Veneers for More Natural Looking Teeth?

Can anyone tell me if they have cosmetic bonding, not veneers? How is it? I recently had my teeth prepped for Veneers and now I do not want them. I think they are too fake-looking.

Overall, I do have good dental hygiene, don't smoke. Plus, I do not drink coffee as I heard these 2 habits stain bonding.

I have heard good things and bad things about both. I'd rather do touch ups and repair a chip rather than redoing veneers and have them appear fake as they did when my dentist tried to cement them into my teeth. I refused to get them so I had her re-temp my teeth.

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Bonding versus Porcelain Veneers

Short answer..
Bonding composite veneers can be a wonderful procedure but only in the hands of a skilled cosmetic dentist as it is very technique sensitive.
There are certain short term cost savings also.
Most dentists would prefer porcelain or ceramic over composite for veneering their own teeth as long as it is done gently by removing the minimal amount of tooth structure needed for an excellent result.

In a nutshell I like to use the analogy of (composite is like tupperware while ceramic is like fine china)
Hope this helps
Dory Stutman AAACD FICOI

Long Island Cosmetic Dentist

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What looks more natural, dental bonding or porcelain veneers?

If you've already had your teeth prepared (drilled to proper shape) for porcelain veneers, then you would be best off completing the porcelain veneer process.  In general, porcelain veneers look much better than composite bonding.  The three advantages of composite bonding is that less tooth needs to be prepared (drilled on), can oftentimes be done in only one visit, and lower cost than porcelain veneers that require a lab fee for the ceramist to make the porcelain veneers.

If you didn't like the veneers that your dentist tried onto your teeth, then your did the right thing by not accepting them at the try in stage.  It is much better to put back the temporary veneers and have the lab redo them than to bond them into place and then later have to drill them off to redo them. 

Communicate accurately about what you don't like about the way the porcelain veneers were done so that the ceramist can make the appropriate adjustments.  Ask your dentist if he/she used a dedicated cosmetic dentistry lab, or an ordinary dental lab that does  most everything.  Believe it or not, some labs do better cosmetic work than others.  Things to discuss with your dentist are the length, shape, color, surface texture, incisal translucency and balance and proportion of all the veneers. 

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Cosmetic Dentist

Porcelain Veneers Better Than Dental Bonding

There is no question that porcelain veneers are a better option than dental bonding for that many teeth.  They should not look fake though.  A great set of veneers should look extremely natural.  They will hold their shine and will not stain.  Bonding will dull after a period of time and aesthetically does not compare to porcelain veneers.  Communicate with your dentist what you do not like and in the end you should have a fantastic result.  

Scott Young, DDS
Houston Cosmetic Dentist
5.0 out of 5 stars 12 reviews

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Bonding vs Veneers

The porcelain veneers should look better than bonding. Speak to your dentist about your disappointment. Explain what you think makes them look fake. Perhaps they can be returned to the lab for a remake. 

You could have composite veneers placed instead now that your teeth are already prepared. This is very labor intensive for the dentist. Most dentist do not have the skill or artistry to bond the entire front surface of your two front teeth and make them natural looking and stain resistant.

Your other option is to find another cosmetic dentist if you are not happy with the result.



if your teeth are already prepared get veneers. Don't look back.

Veneers stay better looking for many years. Bonding will stain and fade relatively quickly.


George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Cosmetic Dentist

Dental bonding can look good but veneers are best

Porcelain veneers are made in a dental lab under ideal conditions.  Porcelain is a much denser and stronger material.  As a result its colour is much more stable.  An experienced artistic lab technician can definitely craft veneers that are beautiful and life like.  Veneers need not look fake.

Direct resin bonding can also look very beautiful.  However, it is made in your mouth under less than ideal conditions.  It is hardened by shining a light on it and is not 100% polymerized which means that over time it can pick up stain and show some porosities on the surface.  That said, I have had a number of patients who I have bonded and the bonding has lasted well for over 10 years.  These people do not drink a lot of coffee, tea, or red wine and are very careful to clean their bonding meticulously daily.  Just as artistic lab technicians can make more beautiful veneers, some dentists are more skilled at creating beautiful bonding.

Martin Frankel, DDS
Toronto Cosmetic Dentist
3.0 out of 5 stars 2 reviews

Veneers SHOULD look better than bonding, and last longer

Veneers are porcelain (glass). Bonding is done with resin (plastic). If you think of the amount of abuse you put your teeth through it's easy to see that porcelain would last longer.

If you feel the veneers the DDS tried to put did not look natural then it is time to have them re-made. Make sure a reputable, high-end dental ceramist is making them. Have them add more translucency (see through-ness) to the biting edge and have the color vary from the gumline (darker) to the biting edge (lighter).

I believe that once you get the veneers made correctly you will be happy with the look and longevity of them.

Jason Fligor, DDS
Seattle Cosmetic Dentist

Cost: Bondings vs. Veneers

Dental bonding is, by far, a much cheaper way to fix your teeth than veneers. There is no tooth reduction, consequently, NO PAIN. Unfortunately, there longevity is not good...they chip easily, discolor and have to be redone.

Veneers have greater longevity . The cost per tooth is much higher. If you have large teeth or a small mouth and face, chances are, they might end up looking bulky and not natural like you want.

I would go to a second dentist for an opinion and make sure you take into consideration all of the facts above as well as the expertise of your dentist!

Hope ths helps and good luck!

Robert Fields, DDS
Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist
5.0 out of 5 stars 2 reviews

Bonding looks good sometimes

Veneers will always look more natural if made from translucent, thin Empress Porcelain. What makes veneers look fake is if they are made too bulky, too large, or too white. Bonding looks great right after it is placed, but after time acidy drinks and abrasive toothpaste will dull the finish creating a dead look. Light will not reflect and depths of color will be poor. Veneers if done correctly look like your born with them and they will never stain, dull, or change color.

Benjamin S. Fiss, DDS
Chicago Cosmetic Dentist
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Dental bonding is a compromise compared to porcelain veneers

Sometimes dental bonding can look good, but not often. Most of the time it is only temporary, and the bonding loses its shine, begins to discolor and chips or wears.

When porcelain veneers are done by an experienced dentist that uses a talented ceramist, they can look like beautiful natural teeth. A talented ceramist can blend many colors into the veneers so they look real, and create surface texture that mimics real teeth. They should not appear or feel bulky and last much longer than composite bonding.

Lance Timmerman, DMD
Seattle Cosmetic Dentist
5.0 out of 5 stars 3 reviews

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