Do Dense Breasts Do Less Well with Fat Transfers & Brava?

I am getting a fat transfer to the breast on 4/11/13. One doc that I consulted with said that dense breasts do not do well with Brava or fat grafting. She told me I would get "no results" from the Brava Sport. I know my breasts are very dense as I am 46 & my mammographer always tells me this. I have never been pregnant/had children either. I began Brava last night and do see some swelling already this morning. Is this true? I am 5'5 and 127 lbs.

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Density of Breasts and Results of Fat Transfer to the Breasts

    The density of the breast tissue will have some effect on the results of fat transfer.  Remember though that the muscle, the subcutaneous tissue, and intervening stromal tissue can all be injected.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA 

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