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Will Laser Treatment Clear Dark Circles? (photo)

Dear Doctors, i have dark circles characterised by a dark color and by a SLIGHT line . My dermatologist advise me against restylane injection because he said that there are not deep lines;he told me that my dark circles probably are caused by my allergy to mites , i would know if laser treatment "clear" the dark color and improve this fine line because i tryed all creams without results. I'll attach a picture , thanks for the answers

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Laser Treatment for Dark Circles


Hi Claudia. Yes, a fractional CO2 laser like Fraxel Repair would help lighten up your dark circles. However, this laser is not recommended for patients of darker skin tones. You appear fair-skinned, but it is difficult to determine your skin tone from the pictures. For patients with darker skin, Fraxel Dual can be used to alleviate dark circles.

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