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Creams for Skin Dryness and is Ponds Safe?

my skin has been really dry and i started to use PONDS creme and it made my skin red and itchy. what kind of creme is best for skin dryness?? and should i get a chemical peel if my skin is always dry?? and should i stop using ponds or not?

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Ponds made my skin dry red and itchy.

It certainly sounds as if you are allergic to some component of Ponds cream. I would stop using it immediately. A chemical peel is not meant for dry skin. You should use a mild soap such as Cetaphil, Oilatum, CeraVE or Vanicream. Most of them also have moisturizers- a cream for night and a lotion with sunscreen in it for the morning. Even if you apply Vaseline at night-that is a great moisturizer and will be absorbed into your face by the time you wake up,

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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