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Is It Possible to Create a Scar Without Breaking the Skin?

About 3 weeks ago I took a smack to the cheek from a metal object at mild to moderate force. A bruise developed in the square shape of the object, but one of the edges of the square (where I assume the object struck most strongly) stands out from the rest, a fine dark straight line about an inch long. The bruise has faded somewhat, but this line is still noticeable. There was never bleeding or a break in the skin, and the skin's contour is unaltered. Is it possible the mark will be permanent?

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No scar in your future

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If the skin was intact, it is unlikely that there will be any permanent scar in the area.  It is possible to get some pigment changes but lees likely a true scar.  Either way, it is way tool early to tell. Scars heal in 6-12 months.  I would avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen to minimize your chances of any permanent problem.  And be careful for goodness sakes!

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