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Cost of Fat Transfer to Ankles?

I have skinny ankles and was interested in tranferring ab fat to ankles. Is this possible?

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Fat grafting to ankles


The likelihood of a fat graft take in the ankles is similar to that of skin graft take in the ankle.

It is not the fact that blood supply is poor, but that there is increased venous pressure in the area due to the distance from the ankles to the heart.

If you want success in a fat graft, the same postoperative care as in a skin graft applies, to wit:

A) Continuous Leg elevation above the level of the heart for 1 week

B) After 1 week, ambulation with compression stockings or specialized wraps until the graft is mature (3-4 weeks)

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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I do not generally recommend fat transfer to ankles


The success of a fat transfer is highly dependent on the blood supply of the recipient site.

The blood supply and venous drainage of the anke make it a less than optimal location for a fat graft procedure.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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