Since CoolSculpting Freezes Fat to Kill It, Why Not Just Repeatedly Apply Ice Bags?

I had a free consultation for Coolsculpt and have read online about the 'popsicle' studies that led researchers to exam whether freezing fat to kill the cells would be effective for spot fat reduction. This led to Coolsculpt. But if this method is effective, why couldn't one apply ice bags on fat bulges and gradually destroy the fat cells?

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Can the effects of CoolSculpting be replicated by the application of ice bags

CoolSculpting is performed using a device that rather than delivering cold actually extracts energy (thereby cooling) the tissue.  The device carefully monitors this process with continual feedback so that the temperatures achieved are such that the fat will freeze but not so cold that other tissue such as skin, muscles, nerves or blood vessels will.   One could never monitor such a process with the use of an ice bag.  It is highly unlikely one could deliver cold enough temperatues to the fat with an ice bag alone and even if one were able to do so,  you will most likely freeze the overlying skin.  As a result of the freezing of the skin,  a scar will be induced.  

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Coolsculpting is the advanced technology of gradual fat tissue cooling, not of fat freezing.

Dear writer, your question is a very important one. By answering it I hope to satisfy your curiosity and also keep your approach to fatty tissue reduction safe. Coolsculpting utilizes a very specific algorithm for gradually extracting the heat from the fatty tissue. This may be called cooling, but never freezing. This algorithm, carefully studied and designed by world renowned scientist and engineers, is what makes this technology so safe, as well as effective. Putting icepacks repeatedly over the areas of excess fatty tissue may lead to frostbite, permanent loss of skin sensation and undesired atrophy or indentation of the area (because the very carefully anatomically designed shape of the noninvasive suctioning 'cup' is not used). Lastly, patients may bring themselves to a state of low body temperature (hypothermia) that could, in some cases, caused death. Your question was a very genuine and important one. I hope I helped clarify your concerns. With regards, Dr. Leyda Bowes

Coolsculpting is controlled cooling- its okay to eat popsicles!

The fat must be a specific temperature for a specific period  of time to trigger fat cell death. While the initial popsicle cases stimulated the idea, cool sculpting was developed through extensive scientific research that identified the precise temperature and time period needed to stimulate fat cells to die and to do this without causing skin damage. The combination of isolating the fat in the suction chamber and maintaining controlled cooling allows for safe, smooth, and reproducible results. If only ice bags would do it!

It is important to note, the children had prolonged contact with extreme cold before the cheek fat wa affected- so do not worry about eating popsicles!

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Icepacks instead of Coolsculpting

This will not work and poses a danger as Coolsculpting does not freeze the skin. Coolsculpting is a cold application just above freezing. Keep in mind freezing skin will injure the skin- whereas Coolsculpting is specifically designed to apply temperatures that kill fat but do not injure skin at a temperature below freezing. Coolsculpting works excellent. .


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Zeltiq's CoolSculpting can not be duplicated with application of icepacks to the skin

If one were to try to freeze the fat by freezing the skin with ice long enough, the skin would die and this necrosis would heal with scarring probably.  There also can be cirulatory changes to the skin.  Zeltiq has been able to preserve the quality of the skin by localized the temperature reduction in the fatty tissues.

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Never that easy

While your theory makes sense to a point, you have left out an important concern.  If ice bags alone are used, the skin could be injured by frostbite as well.  You've probably seen pictures of frostbite online and the tissue loss is dramatic.  In other words, the fat would be reduced, but the overlying skin could also die, resulting in potential scarring at best or the need for reconstructive surgery- skin grafts, flaps, or even amputations, at worst. Coolsculpting solves this problem by monitoring the temperature carefully during the treatment cycle, and maintaining the temp at the point where the fat cell are affected but the skin is not damaged.

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Using Ice Bags to Freeze Fat instead of Coolsculpting is not a good idea

First and foremost, be careful trying to take short cuts or coming up with less expensive home versions of cosmetic procedures.  Applying freezing ice bags to your skin can result in permanent injury to the skin from the direct contact. With coolsculpting, the skin is protected with a gel barrier, and the cold is carefully applied with a delivery device that targets the fat cells and does not damage the skin. Please seek out a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation and treatment plan when considering coolsculpting or an other body contouring treatment. 

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Coolsculpting vs ice packs

The cooling panels from coolsculpting provides a consistent temperature of 2-4 degree Celsius  for one hour. Yes there is a relation of fat and cold. However, the fat needs to get to that specific temperature for the fat cells to die. I don't recommended putting ice packs on yourself because you can injury yourself. If you're still not satisfied, try booking another consultation somewhere else. You could have a totally different experience. Good luck on your journey!

Robert G. Aycock, MD
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Why not just apply ice bags if freezing fat works?

The reason is that applying freezing ice to your skin can result in permanent injury to the skin from the direct effects of the cold. Cool sculpting works differently as the skin is first protected with a gel barrier, and the cold is carefully delivered with the delivery device to target the fat cells and not damage the overlying skin. See a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation and treatment plan.

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Controlled Cooling With CoolSculpting

The CoolSculpting device has been engineered to provide controlled and precise cooling at a consistent temperature for a period of time necessary to cause a natural death of the fat cells without damaging the surrounded skin, nerves, blood vessels, tissues, etc. This is what makes the treatment so safe. There is no way that this can be accomplished by applying ice bags. Ice bags will cause inconsistent freezing at an inconsistent temperature. This will lead to the same clinical manifestations as frost bite, with damage to the skin and surrounding tissues. Please do not try anything like that.

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