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Best Way to Permanently Remove Fat Cells?

I have always read and have had friends who had traditional lipo and the fat always resurfaces some other weird random place because we are pre set w/ a certain number of fat cells.

Does cool lipo have the same effect in permanently removing the cells or just the fat? Thanks.

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Tumescent Liposuction Has The Best Track Record

Having taught liposuction for years at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, I know traditional tumescent liposuction to be a wonderful treatment, with an unparalleled safety record.

Of all the available methods for fat removal, it is the only one I would consider using on myself, and it is the only one I offer to my patients.

Recently, there have been many companies promoting techniques such as Smart Lipo and Cool Lipo, which aim to modify the traditional tumescent liposuction technique by adding lasers, etc. to the procedure.

Unfortunately, there is no clear evidence that any of these procedures offers any advantage to traditional tumescent liposuction. The lasers can, however, increase risk to the patient, since the laser can injure tissue, burn skin, cause a scar, etc.

Fat cells that are removed With liposuction generally remain gone. If a person gains weight, however, the other fat cells in the body will get larger. Liposuction is best for patients whose weight is stable.

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Tumescent lipo removes fat cells

Tumescent liposuction does not result in the fat showing up somewhere else unless the patient has bad habits and gains weight after surgery.  Tumescent liposuction removes fat cells.

Fat cells removed by liposuction are gone forever

The fat cells removed during liposuction are gone forever.  However, nothing prevents us from gaining weight.  Weight gained after liposuction is often distributed more evenly.  It is a myth that all weight gain after liposuction goes to one body part or another.

What is the best way to remove fat cells??

Both invasive and non invasive techniques remove fat cells.  The key to keeping the cells from "returning" is to maintain your weight and not fluctuate.  The cells do not grow back, fat cells increase in size in response to your caloric intake and energy expenditure.

Non Invasive Lipo

Acceptable results can be obtained in the so-called minimal invasive techniques. However, it is always a matter of expectations. For people wanting substantive changes in their form and a lot of fat off, more conventional techniques, such as S.A.F.E. Liposuction are a much nor reliable bang-for-your-buck.

Permanently remove fat cells

Liposuction re-contours the body by reducing the number of fat cells. This is permanent and your body will not compensate by creating more fat cells if you maintain your weight. If one does gain a significant amount of weight, however, the fat cells that do remain can enlarge  and diminish the benefits. Overall contour, however, remains improved.

Best Way To Remove Fat

The best way to permanently remove fat cells is with tumescent liposuction. CoolSculpting is the best option for non-surgical fat cell removal.

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It really depends on how much weight someone puts on after liposuction.

Most people who have liposuction are extremely careful about weight gain and the ideal candidates are patients who have stubborn pockets of fat.  These stubborn pockets of fat do not go away regardless of the person's weight.  So after liposuction slight weight gain will result in a generalized increase in fat all over the body.  However is the person puts on a lot of weight, there may be secondary pockets of fat that become more noticeable.  Once fat cell are removed, they are removed for ever!

Liposuction Removes Fat Cells Located in Problem Ares that Don't Respond Well to Diet & Exercise

Liposuction is typically performed to remove fat cells located in problem areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise. When these fat cells are removed with liposuction, they are gone forever. The only exception is when the patients are morbidly obese; under these circumstances fat cells can experience re-growth.

Unfortunately, poor life style choices such as over eating can result in weight gain. This can lead to enlargement of the remaining fat cells in areas that have been previously treated with liposuction. This can result in re-accumulation of fat in these problem areas and a recurrence of the original problem.

In most cases of weight gain following liposuction, the previous problem areas are minimally impacted. The weight gain is usually more evenly distributed throughout the body and is therefore less problematic. It doesn’t significantly impact body contour and the over all aesthetic result.

Weight gain can have a significant impact on a patient’s result following liposuction. For this reason, it’s extremely important that patients maintain a healthy life style following liposuction. This will prove to be the best way to protect your investment and make it all worthwhile.

Best Way to Permanently Remove Fat Cells

Liposuction is a good permanent way to remove fat cells.  The number of fat cells becomes stabilized in ones teens and if removed by liposuction they are gone forever.  However, if one continues to eat high calorie foods and does not exercise then the remaining fat cells will increase in size and you will get obese.

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