Why Are So Many Complaining of Fat Loss with IPL? I Had 2 Sessions and I Am So Scared !

I don't have fat loss at this moment but I am so worried because of all the posts I have read about this! I had one session 7 weeks ago and the second one 2 weeks ago. I will never do this again! So nervous!! My skin looks fine right now. I am thinking that I might have a scar on my nose because I see a faint line on it but I am not sure if it will go away. Can someone explain to me, is fat loss likely to happen to me?

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Fat loss and IPL

IPL is a light-based therapy. It does not have the ability to affect fat. It is only a surface treatment. For people who are posting about fat loss from IPL, they must have been treated with something other than just IPL. I have done over 110,000 IPL FotoFacial treatments in my office. No one has had fat loss from them.

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