What Are My Options for Scar Treatment/Removal? (photo)

Hi, I have acne on my nose, with hypertrophic scars, sunken scars and pit scars. My nose is extremely oily still currently have spots of reds. I use retina A 0.025, and ocassionally glycolic acide. I did Mixto 1 year ago, and due to the had found that that I am left with more scars on my right nose due to more clogged pores. I also have a skin picking problem. Any suggestion on what I can do to impove the scars? And how far can the scars improve? Is skin grafting required?

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Deep pitted scars on the nose


These scars are very difficult to improve.  One option may be the fractional co2 skin resurfacing treatment spaced one month apart x 3. 

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