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How Would Having Chin Laser Lipo Tighten my Skin Better Than Regular Chin Liposuction?

What other benefits would I see after having a chin laser lipo?

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Chin Laser Lipo


Some patients have noted an improvement in terms of the tightening of the skin when laser liposuction is used. You can see a similar case in our before and after photos. Scientific support is very limited in terms of the skin tightening, and the differences between the two are generally not significant for the chin.

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Laser vs standard lipo of the neck


Great question!  The answer is that there is no scientific evidence that laser lipo offers any benefits over standard liposuction for the neck.  The retraction of the overlying skin has to do with its turgor rather than the instrument used to remove the fat.   

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Laser lipo vs standard chin lipo


There is limited scientifc support of any kind that suggests laser lipo causes adequate skin tightening.

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Does Laser Lipo Tighten Skin Better than Regular Lipo?


So far, there is very little evidence that laser liposuction (or any other liposuction for that matter) tightens the skin. Only one study on the abdomen showed a small change in the skin that could be interpreted as tightening. However, the marketing of the laser liposuction companies is geared to suggest that the skin is tightened. The same claims were made when ultrasound liposuction became available in the late 1990's but over time, no one could show that ultrasound liposuction was any better than regular liposuction in tightening the skin. My suggestion is save your money on laser liposuction until we have independent evidence that it results in clinically significant improvement and is superior to regular liposuction.

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