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Any Chance I Might Get my Money Back?

If both my invislign treatment ($4,000) and tmj treatment ($2,500) fails? I have been 3 months into my invislign treatment and i have yet to see even the slightest results. I also still have significant tmj pain. Is it possible to get most if not all my money back if these treatment fails, i mean my orthodontist highly assured me that these treatments would fix my tmj problem and i feel i have been taking advantage. I am paying a heavy amount of money for results.

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Getting Money Back for Invisalign & TMJ that Failed

Talk with your orthodontist again. I doubt if he "assured you" that his treatment would definitely cure your TMJ symptoms. I have been treating TMJ patients for many many years, and NEVER assure anyone that it will definitely work. TMJ is a very nebulous area and there are many different approaches to attempt to alleviate the symptoms. I believe in Neuromuscular Dentistry, which will attempt to cure the TMJ symptoms BEFORE moving teeth around.

TMJ treatment with Invisalign

Maybe you should have a talk with your orthodontist and let them know that you are still having TMJ problems.  I think the main idea is to get relief from the TMJ symptoms.  You may have to alter treatment. When I go to a physician with a sore throat and they see white pustules on my tonsils, they assume it is a strep infection. They may prescribe an antibiotic like penicillin. I pay for the doctor visit and pay the pharmacy for the prescription.  After three days, my throat is still sore, so I go back to my physician. This time, they do a culture to isolate the bacteria and see which antibiotic would kill the bacteria. They prescribe a new antibiotic. This time I pay for the doctor visit, the lab culture and the pharmacy for a new prescription.  Should I ask the physician to refund his fee from the first visit and ask the pharmacy to refund the first prescription since it did not work? I am not sure of your logic. I do know there are no guarantees with any medical treatment since there is such a wide range of responses to treatment dependent on the uniqueness of the human body.

Mark Kurchak, DDS
Switzerland Orthodontist

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