Best Cellulite Treatment Machines

I know there are a bunch of different machines out there to treat cellulite (VelaShape, Synergie, Endermologie etc.). Which ones work the best? I know you can't get rid of cellulite, but do any of these machines make it look better?

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Reducing Cellulite with Z Wave Technology

In our opinion the Z Wave is the best technology on the market for cellulite reduction.We have been very skeptical for years with cellulite reduction treatments and have not found anything that works well enough to bring into Maloney Plastic Surgery until now.We have actually had this technology for several months and have been using it on staff and a limited number of patients before we were ready to put out name behind it.We are ready to announce that we have had some very nice improvements in the reduction of cellulite.It is not perfect and cellulite is a difficult problem to fix, but for those of you with realistic expectations and will be happy with a nice improvement, we finally have the technology for you.Cellulite is caused when the fat cells become too large for the natural fiber compartments which hold the skin. These compartments then bulge and form uneven layers of fat underneath.The Z Wave uses sound waves to break up fat cells resulting in a more smooth and even fat layer.Cellulite treatments are typically performed in a series of 8-10 sessions that are 2-7 days apart at a cost of $100/ area.For example an area is the front of the legs, back of the legs, buttocks or arms.

Cellfina works for cellulite!

Hello and thank you for your question.

There is a new and very exciting procedure for cellulite called Cellfina. We were the first practice to offer the procedure commercially. We are up and running with this in our office and we are beyond ecstatic with the results that we are seeing. We have never seen something work this effectively and consistently for cellulite. The FDA has approved this with an indication of one year, however, there is much anecdotal evidence that the results last much longer than that. Our patients have been thrilled with this minimally invasive procedure with very little downtime. Our patients return to work the next day. There is only local anesthesia used, so you can drive yourself!

Cellfina will make her national TV debut on Friday, May 1st on The Doctors!!! Please check the show’s website for your local network listings. Watch this for more information and please refer to our website for more details.

Feel free to contact our office for a complementary consultation and refer to our website for more information!

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 95 reviews

Newest, Best Option for Cellulite

After literally decades of potions, gimmicks, and other disappointments, patients finally have something for cellulite to be excited about.This is very new and is only being released to 4 plastic surgery practices (at first) for post approval study, but we finally have something for cellulite that works.Cellfina is an FDA approved minimally-invasive, in-office, one-time treatment for cellulite of the buttocks and thighs.The practices that have Cellfina right now are Jeff Kenkel in Dallas, Haideh Himmand in New York, Julius Few in Chicago, and us in Shreveport.There are a few dermatology practices with Cellfina as well.Cellfina has a 94% satisfaction rate at 1 year, and 96% satisfaction rate at 2 years (data from the Cellfina pivotal study), which has us very excited.The first few patients we've done have been coming back in and they look fantastic so far.You can learn more about Cellfina by doing a search for it above, in the RealSelf search bar.Thanks for your question!

Simeon Wall, Jr, MD, FACS
Shreveport Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 10 reviews

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Massage devices don't offer much long term help for cellulite

Most of the machines available to treat cellulite are approved by the FDA under the general heading of "massage-based" devices.  That means that as long as the device can massage the skin, the FDA in general is ok with it being marketed as a temporary treatment for cellulite.  The problem is these devices don't work very well, and patients often get frustrated at the cost and effort for such modest (10-15%) and short lived improvement.  Cellfina is the only device that is FDA approved for the long term improvement in cellulite, and is set to be launched to the public in early 2015.  Research performed at our site, SkinCare Physicians near Boston, has proven that 99% of the time it is clear where the cellulite has improved.  That is a dramatically higher success rate than massage-based devices on the market, and the kicker is the results last at least 2 years and likely longer based on our research.  Keep your eyes out for Cellfina.  It is going to change the way we think about and treat cellulite, primarily of the buttocks and upper thighs.

Michael S. Kaminer, MD
Chestnut Hill Dermatologic Surgeon
3.5 out of 5 stars 6 reviews

Cellulite treatments

Hello. As you have probably learned from your research on cellulite it has always been very difficult to treat. Certainly creams and lotions are of no use especially when looking at the cost/benefit ratio and the fact that they are in no way permanent.  Procedures like Velashape and Endermologie are non-invasive but require multiple treatments and maintenance treatments or everything returns back to the way it was. Again, for the cost not a very satisfying option. If you are not ready or convinced about Cellulaze your best bet would to be to do nothing rather than spend your time and money on procedures that often end up in frustration. In my practice in the Bay Area I have come to the conclusion that the happiest patients are those that have realistic expectation on what Cellulaze can do for them. At some point it might be worthwhile to have a consultation with someone in your area with an expertise in Cellulaze to get more detailed information. I honestly think it is the best tool we have for cellulite today. Good luck. Sincerely, Dean Vistnes   

M. Dean Vistnes, MD
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 36 reviews

Cellulaze for long lasting treatment for cellulite

Thanks for your question.


I would recommend Cellulaze for your cellulite.

Cellulaze is the first FDA approved minimally invasive, one-time treatment for cellulite.  It utilizes a 1440 nm side-firing laser fiber optic to treat the three main causes of cellulite:  It breaks down the fatty bulges, then cuts the fibrous septae that cause dimpling, then finally stimulates the dermis to shrink and thicken in order to improve the look of you cellulite areas.

Good luck in your endeavors!

Robert Kratschmer, MD


Cellulaze is the first long-lasting cellulite reduction treatment. Short-pulsed, high energy laser beams are utilized beneath the skin to transmit energy to smooth out lumpy fat cells and heat dermal tissue. This will promote skin thickening and smooth skin.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
4.0 out of 5 stars 16 reviews

Cellulaze Best for Cellulite Reduction

Cellulaze is the only minimally invasive laser procedure designed to attack the structure of cellulite beneath your skin. It delivers longer-lasting results after only one short treatment. It is the first and only cellulite laser treatment that treats the actual problems underneath the skin to deliver a proven longer-lasting result from just one simple treatment. Cellulaze is backed by many years of clinical research. Studies have shown it increases the thickness of your skin by 25% and the elasticity of your skin by 29%—significant claims that haven't been made by any other treatments. Thicker and more elastic skin can help flatten and smooth the skin surface to improve the appearance of cellulite. In addition, 93% of patients surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with their results at one year post their procedure, and all would recommend the Cellulaze cellulite laser treatment to a friend.

Definitive treatment for cellulite

I would suggest you consider Cellulaze.  Cellulaze uses a laser under the skin to attack the anatomic causes of cellulite. It is a minimally invasive procedure that takes 1-2 hours and can be safely done  under local or just IV sedation.  It is an FDA approved treatment for cellulite and requires only one treatment.  Hope this is helpful.

Dr. Sugene Kim

Cellulite Treatment

I would recommend you consider Cellulaze.  It is a FDA approved one-time definitive treatment for most types of cellulite.  It utilizes a 1440 nm wavelength laser to accomplish 3 things:  1) melt away fat bulging out 2) break up fibrous septae (attachments) that create the indentations and 3) help thicken the dermis (skin) to prevent future recurrence.   The procedure can take between 60-90 minutes and can be completed under local or just IV sedation (depending on the length of your procedure and number of areas being treated). Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon trained in Cellulaze treatment to learn more about your options.


Dr. Basu

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