Can Lipo Improve my Silhouette and Reduce my Dress Size?

I had lipo 8 years ago on my stomach, knees and thighs. I was 6/8 before and 4/6 after. I love the new contour of those areas even after gaining weight after my baby. Now I’m 8/10 and hope for 6/8 after lipo. Most of the weight gain showed up in my torso. I used to have slim arms but now I can pinch a lot of fat. I also developed back rolls and big hips. I'm considering lipo in those areas and also the knees again. Judging by my description and pictures do I have realistic expectations?

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Revision Liposuction

Patients frequently request liposuction to improve body contour so their clothing will fit better.  In most cases, this can be accomplished with excellent results, providing the patient is a good candidate for the procedure.
Liposuction works best when patients have localized collections of fat.  It’s important to remember this is not a weight loss procedure, but instead, a procedure that addresses problem areas.  In addition, the quality of the patient’s skin is of critical importance.  Patients with skin laxity are much more likely to develop skin sag following liposuction procedures.
In your situation, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to anticipate dropping a dress size following revisional liposuction.  Unfortunately, this might be accompanied by the development of skin sag.  This appears to be more common following secondary liposuction procedures.
It’s important to have realistic expectations.  We view computer imaging as a blueprint and not a guarantee.  The projected results with computer imaging should therefore be relatively conservative, compared to what we hope to accomplish with liposuction.  In your case, I feel that your computer imaging is somewhat aggressive and might set the stage for unrealistic expectations.
If your primary goal is looking good in a swimsuit, you might not be happy with result of your procedure because of skin sag.  If your goal is having clothes, that fit better, you should be very happy.
If your considering revision liposuction, its important to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience in this area.  A treatment plan will be formulated which will address your specific anatomic issues and aesthetic goals.  It important that these goals be realistic.

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Liposuction may reduce dress size

Liposuction can reduce your dress size. However, liposuction works best on isolated trouble areas. In other words if you have large hips and a narrow waist then after liposuction of the hips you can wear a size that matches your waist. Large volume liposuction can be done, but there are safety issues to consider. In general, liposuction is a refining tool, not a weight reduction tool.

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Computer imaging not realistic

Having performed over 700 laser liposuction cases (laser combine with traditional tumescent liposuction) our practice over the last three years, the answer to your question is simple. Liposuction almost always reduces size (it removes the fat). The skin retraction is variable, even in the best of hands, and to promise a patient more than this would be irresponsible. It is best to look at before and after pictures from the surgeon you wish to have performyour procedues, not computer images.

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You can expect dramatic improvement in shape and in the rolls, and size reduction. You have experienced the good liposuction effect already.

In our plastic surgery practice in Manhattan -- and in any responsible practice -- we don't promise perfection or that the rolls will completely "go away". And, of curse, liposuction is not the way to lose weight. But that's not what you are asking. I think your expectations are realistic.

As with all surgery, it's got to be done right. The trick with the back rolls is to do the liposuction up and down, and not side to side.

Good photographic technique!

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Hello. Thanks for your question . You're an excellent candidate for a process of improvement of body contour as it is the Liposuction . You are not in a morbid overweight that could complicate the outcome and the areas you want to improve  are well defined . Good luck if you decide to get your lipo done.

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Liposuction and dress size

I do believe that liposuction will help you address your areas of concern.  I would make sure you make your decision at a time when you can budget the recovery and when you feel confident that your lifestyle and weight are pretty stable.  I would visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options and plan your procedure.

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Liposuction can enhance your body contour and shape. It is effective to improve the areas you have outlined with the photos

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Pre operative lipo: indications

secondary lipossuction is not uncommon.

the first treated areas usually need less work than the others

it is more difficult to retread areas because of internal scaring.

the back roll are the most difficult areas to treat. they need an aggressive lipossuction with the risk of tissue damaging.

sometimes we are able to remove all the rolls, most of the time we diminish them only.

to answer your question: you expect improving with lipossuction, with lesser result in the upper torso 

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Diffuse liposuction is less likely to achieve results

It is possible to treat many of your areas of concern individually.  However, liposuction is most effective when it is used to reshape a focal area of excess adiposity.  Generally, the more areas identified for treatment, the less likely that  a pleasing, long-term effect will be achieved.  Of course, the anticipate outcome for any given person is dependent upon aspects of that individual that can only be identified and discussed at an in person consult.  I encourage you to make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon to specifically address your concerns about your specific anatomy.

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Liposuction For Body Contouring

Liposuction is a great option for body contouring, and our practice uses the gold standard of liposuction, tumescent liposuction. Tumescent liposuction is scientifically proven to remove fat deposits from targeted areas of the body. It is important to discuss with your board-certified plastic surgeon what results you're looking for and how they will be able to achieve that through liposuction.

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