Surgery to Remove Cafe Au Lait Birthmark?

I have a cafe au lait birthmark on the right side of my cheek. Laser treatments did not work for me. Do I need to undergo a surgery? How much will it cost approximately?

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Surgery for birthmarks


Both laser treatments and surgery are options for your birthmark. We agree with Dr. Rajagopal that q-switched lasers are an excellent option and you should find out what kind of laser was used for your treatments and if it was a 1064 or 755 nm q-switched laser. Just because you did not respond to treatment previously does not mean lasers will not work for you. But you must make sure you are being treated by an experienced practitioner using q-switched lasers. Surgical removal is an option as well and we have done this before in cases where a birthmark reappears repeatedly after laser treatment or does not respond to lasers.

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Lasers best option for removing cafe au lait birthmarks


The best way to remove café au lait birthmarks is through the use of laser treatments. A QS 1064 nm or QS 755 nm laser would be the most effective type of laser for removing a café au lait birthmark. Several treatments are required for birthmark removal. Cost of treatments varies depending on the size of the birthmark. I would suggest asking to do a “test spot” of the birthmark with your doctor, which means treating a small area of the birthmark first to see how it responds to the laser treatment.

Usha Rajagopal, MD
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