Bulging Temple Veins Bilaterally? (photos)

I had flat but visible temporal veins bilaterally. A (board certified) plastic surgeon made this situation infinitely worse by tying off the veins at the hair line. Now I have bulging temple-periorbital veins along with temporal hollowing and sagging that accentuate the problem. Two oculoplastic surgeons do not advise removing these veins whereas two plastic surgeons advocate microphlebotomy along with a temporal lift. Real Self physicians please advise. Thank-you.

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Treating big and large bulging temple veins


Sclerotherapy and microligation both work to eliminate these bulging temple veins.  The veins can be removed permanently.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Careful use of vascular laser (1064nm) usually works well for blue temple veins


We have successfully treated hundreds of patients with enlarged, blue, "reticular " veins on the temples and around the eyes.  We have published photos and detailed these techniques in our textbook on sclerotherapy and vein treatment

While microphlebectomy could work it would be more invasive and I'm not convinced from your photo that your temple needs any more lifting. 

Margaret Weiss, MD
Baltimore Dermatologist
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