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Non Surgical Breast Lift Procedure? Ways to Avoid Cosmetic Surgery

My breasts are very saggy for my age. I just turned 20, and I was wondering if there is any way to lift them without surgery. I am a 32D.

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Saggy breasts not necessarily a problem.

It has been my observation over the last 15 years that women have very little idea about what a normal breast looks like. they think the 15-18 year old breast is normal forgetting that the thirty year old and even 40,50 or 60 year old breast can be just as attractive without staying "perky".  Don't be so hard on yourself, wear a great bra and remember no scar beats scar every day of the week. now if you honestly are totally different than any other woman you know, then consider a consultation for an honest evaluation. good luck

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Non-surgical breast lift is usually disappointing

There is experimental work on using non-surgical skin tightening technology to lift breasts. These procedures use infrared and radiofrequency heat energy to tighten the skin. The best is LuxIR Deep, but other machines are Thermage, Titan, and Refirme.

These techniques require 4 treatments scheduled a month apart and usually only achieve 20 % skin tightening. They are most commonly used on the face and tummy.

The problem with using these technologies for breast lifting is that usually, a sagging breast has an abnormally low nipple position, and non-surgical methods cannot change the nipple position. Elevating the nipple requires a surgical procedure called a mastopexy.

If your nipple position is nearly normal, sometimes a breast augmentation with a breast implant can fill the breast skin envelope and improve sagging.

You really need an evaluation by a board certified plastic surgeon who will give you an honest opinion.

The mastopexy is the best procedure to lift the breast, but it does cause scarring, which may be unacceptable to you.

I really cannot recommend non-surgical skin tightening for the breast as it is experimental and the results I have seen are not impressive.

See a before and after photo of breast lift and breast augmentation.

There is only surgery

The only way to correct what you have is with surgery. If you are anywhere close to having children you might wait until you are done. If not, a well done breast lift will make you much happier with your situation. Do your research carefully as breast lifting is sculpting and no two surgeons are equally good at it. You will want to go to the best and don't base your decision on price.

Unfortunately, no.

Hi! People think that you have to get old to have sagging breasts. But some women have sagging breasts in their teens.Specially when the breasts are large.

We often do breast lifts (sometimes together with a little breast reduction) on women in their 20's. You have to accept a "lollypop" scar, which fades but does not completely disappear. But most women are very happy with the perky shape.

The lift has to be done from the inside (not relying on pulling the skin) in order to get a long term result.

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Breast lift surgery only option

Other than wearing a bra, there really is no way to lift the breasts without surgery. You can discuss your concerns with a PS to find out if surgery is an option for you. 

Non-surgical breast lift

Unfortunately there is no way to significantly change the shape of the breasts without surgery.  However, breast lift surgery comes with permanent scars and potential risks. It is important to do your homework, and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic  surgery and decide if it is right for you.

Lift Requires Surgery

Unfortunately exercise will not lift the breast. Creams do not work and can be dangerous.  Sagging is from excess skin. Breast lift can give you a beautiful outcome. Sometimes implants alone are enough. Either way there is no nonsurgical method for breast lift.

Nonsurgical breast lift

There is no way to lift breasts without surgery. The good news is that breasts lifts can look incredible in young women like yourself.

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A Breast Lift Would Be a Great Option for You

Women frequently express concern about breast sag and how it affects their self-esteem, self confidence and self image. They would like to fix the problem, but are fearful of surgical procedures for a variety of reasons. These may include anesthesia, scarring and limited economic resources to name a few.
Unfortunately, exercise, laser treatments, pills and topical creams don’t significantly affect breast sag. The only way to correct this problem is to remove the excess skin. This requires a breast lift procedure.
If you’re considering this option make sure you consult a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience performing this type of surgery. A treatment plan will be formulated that addresses your specific anatomic findings and personal aesthetic goals.

No surgery?

There is no non surgical way to lift or tighten breasts without either surgical enhancement or tightening of the skin envelope

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