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Natural Breast Lift

I have sagging boobs and want to know what treatment is available. I don't want to do cosmetic surgery.

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Sagging breasts without surgery.


Thank you for your question. 


Unfortunately it's difficult to guide you without seeing a photograph.  Unfortunately at this point in time I know of no nonsurgical option to elevate a sagging or drooping breast.  One day, we will find a way to tighten the skin without surgery or to enlarge the volume of the breast medically.  Until that time you may wish to learn your options from a board certified plastic surgeon.


Best wishes.

Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift Alternatives


The only alternative is surgery is a push-up or specialty bra.  I would suggest that you consult with a well trained board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Unfortunately not


There is no durable way to lift and reshape ptotic or droopy breasts without some type of surgical intervention. There are some laser companies that claim that their lasers, when applied onto the breast skin, can "lift" the breast, but when you look carefully at their before and after pictures, there is very little if any improvement, and certainly if you need a significant lift or have thin skin, this will absolutely not work.

If you are truly averse to any type of surgical procedure, the only option that isleft is a good bra with excellent support.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Natural or non-surgical breast lift


There are no creams or exercises that can firm up your breasts. Other than the wounder-bra the only other thing is to get a breast implant in addition to breast lift. adding volume to the breast can to some extend reduce the extend of necessary breast lift and thus scars.

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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Non-surgical Breast Lift - Not effective


For sagging breasts with excess skin or a low set nipple, only a surgical breast lift can help place the nipple where it belongs and increase overall fullness of your breast. I would not waste money on any non-surgical options as you will likely regret it.

Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon
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Alternatives to breast lift

Without photos it is hard to comment. Some patients can get away with just an implant- if the nipples are not too low. But that is still surgery.
Hilton Head Island Plastic Surgeon
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Natural Breast Lift


Unfortunately there is no nonsurgical way to lift the breasts. There are several different techniques that can be performed depending on the amount of breast sagging you have. In general, if the nipples are at or above the level of the inframammary creases a minimal lift with an incision just around the areola will work. Breast implants will also slightly lift the breasts. If the nipples are below the level of the inframammary creases a more effective lift as needed. We used to perform the inverted T or so-called anchor mastopexy. That produced large scars and breast flattening. We now almost always do vertical mastopexy which results in shorter scars. Frequently I use implants to help fill out the upper pole of the breasts. Seek a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who is also a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Sagging and doesn't want lift


Surgery is the only way to get a breast lift thats not temporary. If you don't want cosmetic surgery, then you will have to be happy with your sagging breasts.

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Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon
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No non surgical options for sagging breasts


There are many different types of breast lift and each one is designed to take care of increasing degrees of breast sagging or ptosis.  Unfortunately there are no short cuts with breast lift surgery.  Many times the patients would prefer a lift with less incisions but it is not always possible.   If you do not want surgery then consider a well fitting bra.  

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Nonsurgical Options Will Not Correct Breast Sag; Your Best Option is Breast Lift Surgery


It’s not unusual for women to be unhappy with the sagginess of their breasts. It’s also common for them to be fearful of undergoing a surgical procedure to correct this problem. This may be related to anesthesia, scarring or financial resources.
Unfortunately, there are no creams, exercises or laser treatments that effectively treat this problem. The use of a push-up bra can occasionally disguise the problem, but actual corrections require breast lift surgery.

Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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