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How Much Weight Do Breast Implants Add?

I'm 5'7", 160 lbs, and I want to go to a 36D cup size. I'd like to know how much weight I'll gain once I have breast implants.

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How much do implants weigh?


I agree with the doctor. So you can do the calculations yourself:

1000 cc=2.2 pounds

Take the cc volume of the implant and multiply by 2.2. Divide that number by 1000 and this equals the weight, in pounds, of the implant. For example, 350cc implant. Multiply by 2.2 equals 770. Divide 770 by 1000, equals 0.77 pounds.

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It is a matter of volume


By and large a 250cc implant will weigh approximately 1/2 pound. We measure in the metric system and a basic correlation is 2.2 pounds per kilogram or liter. Silicone implants are less dense than water and actually weigh a little less by mass. Unless you are augmented with pretty large implants, your weight won't change that much.

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