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3 Year Old Breast Implants Causing Pain Durning Pregnancy, What's Going On?

Hi I got breast implants 3 yrs ago no problems only now I'm 6months pregnant,and my right breast is slightly larger but causing me alot of pain around the side of it especially if I lift my arm , I went to gp but she just said go back to surgeon ,, which is an issue as my surgery was not done in Ireland !

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Breast Augmentation

If your breast implants have never caused you pain, then it would be best to have both your plastic surgeon and your obstetrician examine you.  It is possible that with the hormonal changes of pregnancy that the breast gland can respond as you will find when your breasts get larger.  It is also possible they can become more sensitive.  If you had occassional soreness in the past during menstral cycles, this breast soreness could be similar.  In any case better to have your doctor check this out for you.  I hope this information is helpful.

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Breast pain during pregnancy

If you imlpants were comfortable for the past three years, it is most likely the tenderness in the breast is related to pregnancy rather than a problem with your implants. For some the first sign of pregnancy is stiffness and tenderness in the breast. You should look into a good support or nursing bra.

Best of luck, Peter Johnson, MD

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Breast Implants and Pain During pregnancy?

Thank you for the question.

Whether your pain during pregnancy is related to the breast implants or not is impossible to determine via online consultation. Examination by a well experienced plastic surgeon will be helpful. Even though your original plastic surgeon is not available to you,  any experienced plastic surgeon ( used to dealing with breast implants and their complications)  will be a good resource.

After direct examination, your plastic surgeon will be able to give you a much better idea if the breast implants ( or more likely the breast tissue itself during pregnancy)  is responsible for the  symptoms.

Best wishes for an otherwise uneventful pregnancy.

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