Breast Implants Years After Breast Reduction?

I had a Breast Reduction 15 years ago when I was 18 years old. I have gained and lost weight many times since then, had a baby (unsuccessful at breast feeding) and now I have not even a B with very uneven breasts (not as uneven as they look in pic since one hand is holding the camera).

I think I need Breast implants, but am not sure if a lift would even be worthwhile since I already have so much scarring. Any idea where to start?

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Breast Implants Years After Breast Reduction

Your photo suggests a breast augmentation with lift. The scope of the lift would be best determined during the consultation process. Consult in person with 3 board certified plastic surgeons to understand your options, and choose the surgeon/surgical plan that best meets your needs/objectives.

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Lift and implants

Implants alone may help you but a lift would give you a perkier shape if sagging is moderate to severe. you can even out asymmetry with this. Implants can be used (one bigger) to add volume if you'd like.

Implants and revision mastopexy after reduction?

I agree that breast implants will help restore shape and volume for sure. I would also plan on re-lifting the breasts with a skin only vertical mastopexy to help tighten and lift the breasts to get maximum rejuvenation.

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Breast Implants Years After Breast Reduction?

This is not that uncommon of a scenario, especially in weight loss patients. You will need silicone implants behind the muscle with a possible lift. This should restore a perky, full breast. You should have no new scars since you have already had a reduction.

Implants afer reduction?

Thanks for your question. You would be a great candidate for a lift and augmentation. It can be done together but there is less guesswork on breast descent if the procedures are separate. That said If you like your general size then a lift would be the procedure of choice and you would loose very little volume. The best way to evaluate ptosis (sag) is by physical exam but a picture can give a preliminary idea. The best picture is a side profile. In general breast lifts are done to not only raise the nipple but also to make the areolar/nipple complex smaller and raise the breast tissue to a more natural youthful position. Of course, the key to a great breast lift is patient selection and technique selection. Areolar lifts are generally good for women with good skin quality, breast tissue reasonably placed and a nipple/areola that are sagging no more than 2 cm. Once the breasts sag past that point, it is necessary to perform a lollipop lift which not only repositions the sagging breast tissues but also the nipple and areola. The final and most aggressive lift is an anchor lift which places both a vertical and horizontal incision. Again the determinant is the degree of sagging, skin quality and amount of breast tissue. Last, if there is a deficiency in breast tissue, an augmentation can be done either together with the lift or as separate procedures. Make sure you visit with a board certified plastic surgeon get get specifics on your situation.

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Breast reduction and breast augmentation


  Your right hand (maybe the left if in a mirror) is holding the camera and the same breast nipple complex is lower.  It will be lower with that arm down so you will have more asymmetry with your arms down.  This asymmetry is evident in both your breasts and nipples.

  Here is the ideal approach.  Do a tightening of the breasts with an asymmetric breast lift to correct the bottoming and nipple complexes as mentioned and at the same time, put implants in place.

  You will be very excited.  If you do not want to approach the asymmetry, then an augmentation only will be an improvement on the lack of upper pole fullness that gives a younger look. 

  Yours is not a tough case but consider the full approach if you can accept it.

Breast Augmentation can fill the Breast many years after Breast Reduction and weight loss.

It is not  an expert uncommon many years after a Breast Reduction and weight loss for the breasst to lose volume and look flat. For these patients a Breast Augmentation can restore lost volume and make the Breast look full.

The potential problem with an additional Breast Lift is the position of the Nipple Areola after the Breast Reduction. The Nipple Areola complex is moved higher during a Breast Reduction and if a new Breast Lift is done the Nipple Areola may look to high and may be exposed with revealing clothing.

An experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can, after an exam give you an expert opinion.

Breast Augmentation after Breast Reduction?

Thank you for the question and picture.
The best place to start would be with consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons. Physical examination will determine whether you will benefit from breast lifting as well as breast implant surgery. The breast lifting will help “tighten the skin envelope” as well as potentially improve symmetry of the breasts.
Make sure you communicate her size goals clearly with your plastic surgeon;  I prefer the use of “goal” pictures as the best way to communicate.
Best wishes.

Good chance that breast lift may not be needed

Based on this one picture there is a good chance you might not need a lift. A large enough implant might be enough to fill the lost volume and upper pole deflation.

It all depends on the current position of your nipples and since you already had a reduction, chances are the nipples are not that low and lifting them further will create a problem difficult to fix.

If you are looking for a minor volume enhancement then a small implant with tightening of the skin will be enough using your old scars for the new incisions and the lower uneven nipple can be lifted as well.

Breast implants after breast reduction

First, ask yourself how much volume you want. Once you have a sense of this, see a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area. He or she can guide to as to how large of an implant your tissue will sustain, and whether or not you will need a lift once the implant is placed. The shape of your breasts is very nice, so you should have an excellent result. Good luck.

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