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Breast Implant Replacement Cost?

How much does breast implant replacement cost as compared to the initial surgery?

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Breast Implant Replacement Cost

That’s a wonderful question!

Having the procedure to enhance your breast size a second time, is not the same as the first. Specifically, it can mean you need potentially Less, but also potentially More work to achieve your desired look. It all boils down to your specific needs.

In order to simplify things, it’s easiest to make sure you understand what the OVERALL cost of the procedure is, and what precisely it includes in terms of cost and expertise in your geographical region. Our range depending on your specific needs would be around $3,000 - $5,500. It should absolutely be all-inclusive, and the most influential factors include,

  • Is this an actual Plastic Surgeon performing the operation?
  • Is the plastic surgeon Fellowship Trained specifically in aesthetic plastic surgery?
  • Does the surgeon hold privileges at a local hospital, as a Plastic Surgeon?
  • Where will the surgery be performed? Hospital or certified outpatient surgery center?
  • What type of anesthesia will be used? General versus local anesthesia?
  • Implant type and changes needed? Silicone vs Saline.

Choose your surgeon based NOT only on price, but whether you feel he would truly walk you thru the process and can achieve your NEW aesthetic goals! Also, it is not unreasonable to ask to speak to prior patients, visit the surgical facility, and see before and after photos.

You should also keep in mind that your choice of plastic surgery practice and surgeon, should also be a long-term choice. Chances are that you may want further services for yourself, family, and friends and want to establish a place where you become a member of the family. So be sure you love the staff, and the overall feel of the office. This should be a long-term investment in your future.

Best wishes.

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Costs associated with Replacement of Breast Implants

Hi there-

The costs of replacing your implants should be a bit less than the initial costs, provided you want to keep the new implants in the same pocket. Having said that, here is some general information...

The costs of any aesthetic procedure will vary according to several variables:

1. The geographic location of the surgeon's practice

2. The details of the surgical procedure- the longer and more technically demanding the surgery is, the higher the costs.

3. The facility in which the surgery will be performed- generally speaking, hospitals are the most expensive places to do cosmetic surgery. Many surgeons use surgery centers or even have ORs in their offices, which really helps lower your costs, but this is only valuable if the facility is accredited by a recognized national body like the AAAASF, meaning it has met a high, national standard for safety in surgery.

4. Finally the costs will be significantly affected by the education, training, experience, and reputation of the surgeon you choose. Make no mistake- we are not all created equal, and shopping for the best price is NOT in your best interests. You should look for a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery who you feel you can trust and get along well with (it is a relationship, after all). Ask to see photos of their work and maybe even talk to a few former patients about their experiences.

Remember- you are looking for the best outcome, not the lowest price. Find the professional that you think can give you what you want safely- in the long run you'll be happier than if you try to save a few dollars now, only to experience a poor outcome.

Breast implant replacement cost

This depends on the surgeon and the reason why you're replacing the implants. The price is affected by a variety of factors, including if there is a complication necessitating replacement and if you want a different incision/implant placement (e.g. inframammary to transaxillary, or sub muscular to sub glandular). 

Breast Implant Replacement Cost

The price of breast implant exchange like most procedures vary significantly among regions and even within the same area. We currently charge starting at 2800 + MD Anesthesia related costs for Breast Augmentation with saline implants. Depending on the age and status of your current implants, the MD Anesthesia fee can be original surgery as the pocket is already present and time to perform the surgery can be less.

To ensure quality work at most cost effective prices, consult with board certified plastic surgeons that own their own nationally accredited facilities. These surgeons must maintain the highest standards to keep accreditation. Moreover, the surgeons are motivated to ensure quality and properly trained staff (to minimize time and frustration in surgery), private and comfortable facilities (to ensure continued referrals), and less waste (to ensure that they can remain competitive financially with other centers).

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Augmentation revision/replacement vs. Primary Surgery

In general, Breast revision, if it is merely replacing an implant and no major revision or lifting of the implant needs to be done, then the replacement fee is far simpler than the actual primary surgery and is thus less expensive.  The prices of Breast Augmentation, Lift, or full mommy make overs as well as revisions can vary widely from city to city. For example, a breast augmentation can cost 3-4 times in LA and New York what it costs in Montana.
In looking at the a price quote for breast augmentation, you should consider many variables.
1. The Surgeon's Fee. This can vary widely depending on the experience and results and thus demand for that surgeon. This also sometimes depends on technique. For example, a sub-muscular placement of an implant is much faster and thus takes less work for the surgeon than a sub-fascial placement of the implant that takes twice as long.
2. The Implant. The breast implant price depends on using a saline, memory gel, or highly cohesive (gummybear) implants. Usually saline implants cost about $1,000 for a pair, memory gel $2,000, and highly cohesive $3,000. If fat is used instead of an implant, then usually a fat harvest charge is used instead of implant fee as liposuction supplies are used and the fat purified in a variety of methods. The size of the implant does not matter, only the type of implant. If a dermal matrix is needed then there is an additional charge (usually about $1,000). In revisions, often the same implant can be used which saves on the implant costs. If a breast lift alone is performed, then obviously there is no implant cost.
3. Anesthesia. This can vary as well. If a board certified anesthesiologist is used then the price is higher. If a CRNA (nurse anesthetist) then the price is lower. It is even lower when a doctor just uses a non-certified anesthetist nurse, or just a medical assistant to push the anesthetic drugs (yes, this actually does happen).
4. Facility Fee. This can vary if the surgeon is using a certified surgery center or hospital vs. his non-certified office.
These four components make the total price, so it is best to break these down so the patient knows exactly what she is getting.
Realself has an average cost for each city.
Best wishes,
Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of breast implants

Thank you for your question. Fees for surgery differ in each city and it is best that you contact local board certified plastic surgeons to obtain quotes for the procedure you are considering.

Cost for Revisionary Surgery

You will find many different answers depending on who your ask.  Cost will vary depending on many factors.... first of all it differs depending on if a board certified plastic surgeon is performing the surgery or not.  Also, if the surgery is performed in a hospital based operating room vs. an office setting, if a board certified anesthesiologist is involved vs. a nurse (or sometimes performing procedures under local anesthesia), etc.  Please be careful when doing your research to make sure your surgeon is properly trained and has experience in this procedure.  In San Diego, the range can be $6000-15,000 depending on what is performed, what type of implants are used, if a breast lift is needed, if AlloGraft is used, etc..

Ask to see examples of the surgeon's work and talk to other patients who have undergone this same procedure to hear what they have to say.

Good Luck!

Replacement cost depends to the reason for implant exchange

there are a few points that determine the final cost.

implant cost that is fairly stable cost, need for any other adjunct procedures, like possible capsulectomy, lift, pocket change or.... that will determine the OR and anesthesia time that will determine the final cost.

good news is if you need to exchange your implant because implant leakage, in almost all cases as long as you be able to provide the implant Serial Number, you can get a free implant and depends to type of warranty you might be legible to get any size of implant and surgical aid that will cover a part of your expenses.

M. Ryan Khosravi, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Type of implant also factors in...

The type of implant will also effect the cost.  I'm sure you're aware but, silicone gel devices are more expensive than saline. Your surgeon should be able to go over the pros and cons of each type of implant.

Robert Frank, MD
Munster Plastic Surgeon
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Cost for implant exchange can vary depending upon the existing problem

It would be nice to have some additional information such as why you need to have your implants replaced. Replacing an implant can be a relatively simple procedure or it can be quite complex and at times even more difficult than the original operation. If your breasts are soft and there is no evidence of a capsular contracture then it can be done under local anesthesia. This would be a simple implant exchange without any manipulation of the implant capsule. In the Atlanta area you could expect a cost range from, including new implants, $2,500 to $3,500.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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