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Why Hasn't my Right Breast Implant Dropped?

3 wks PO Mon.I have HP,saline implants,UTM.I can feel the left implant in the breast crease, but my right breast just feels like the skin underneath is pushed away from the body with no implant filling it.Could the slight size difference before surgery be the reason why the implant hasn’t dropped?

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Your implants will drop after about three to four months, so it's a little early right now to tell. As your body accommodates to your new implants, you’ll notice that your breasts will gradually look more and more natural. Your body creates new skin to accommodate the additional volume of your implants. This natural process is called “tissue expansion”, and relieves the tightness you may be experiencing.

Tissue expansion allows for the implants to settle more into a better position with the help of gravity. A gradual redistribution of volume from the upper to the lower breast occurs, resulting in an enlargement and rounding out of the lower breast.

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Implants and dropping


All implants drop at differnt rates. This certainly can be affected by anatomy, and implant shape and size. Give it some time.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Will breast implants drop?


The upper portions of your breasts appear even which indicates, to me that the implants are relatively symmetrical and your findings may be due to uneven breast tissue. However, it is best to discuss this with your surgeon

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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"Non-dropping" Breast Implant


It is extremely important to sit the patient up at the end of a breast Augmentation case and visually ascertain that the implants are symmetrically located. Although inflammation after surgery will temporarily lift implants, the difference should not be marked.

I would advise you to check with your surgeon for his advice. I  routinely ask my patients to go without a bra for 1-2 weeks to use gravity to place the implants where they were at the end of surgery. I also give my patient specific massage instructions starting a week after the operation.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Right not dropping


I, personally am not a fan of the implant dropping and like to place the implant in the position it should be in.  Most doctors do believe the implant does drop some over time.  In spite of what I do I occassionally get a patient where one side is higher than the other.  In these cases I will use a compression band above the breast to help the implant down.  If it hasn't dropped by 8 weeks it may be necessary to go in surgically to release the capsule and lower the implant.

Follow your plastic surgeons advice and I am sure all will be fine.  Good luck.

Steven Schuster, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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When do implants drop?


Your photo is pretty dark but implants do settle or drop at different rates sometimes. You should stay in close contact with your plastic surgeon and follow massage instructions if they are having you do this.

Dr Edwards

Michael C. Edwards, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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