If I'm Breast Feed Can I Have a Bbl?

Hi. I have a 7 month baby still breastfeed. Can I still have my bbl? If not why? Please xplain do I need to stop? Thank you al

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If I breast feed can I get a Brazilian butt lift?

Yes, you can have your Brazilian butt lift done, However you will need to strop breast feeding before the surgery and it will take you around a month before you can continue breast feeding, because of the medication that you will be taking. That medication stays in your body and may be able to be passed on to the baby trough your milk. So its best if you stop breast feeding if your planning on getting your surgery done.

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Preferentelly you should wait up after normal age baby feeding/ de preferenia deberias de esperar despues lactancia

Medicine, always protects babies and females. so i think wait for  a couple of months to end up feeding.  it is more important, than  to practice BBL now.

la medicina  siempre proteje a niños y a las mujeres asi es que es mas iportante esperar unos meses a que termine el tiempo aconsejable de lactancia para practicar BBL

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