Combining Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Implants?

Can a Brazillian butt lift and Breast implants be done at the same time? I heard doctors do this at the same time.

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Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation


Hi there-

Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Enhancement procedures can certainly be performed at the same time, but great care needs to be exercised in the performance, in order to prevent the positioning for one to compromise the outcome of the other.

In other words, while doing the breast surgery, you will need to be on your back- if you have just had your buttock grafted, this is a problem unless special positioning precautions are taken. Conversely, if the breasts are done first, and you are then placed on your chest to perform the buttock surgery, compromise of your breast outcome could occur.

The best way to assure that your appropriate desire to pursue both procedures at the same time does not compromise your outcome is to find a surgeon Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and discuss is with them.

As long as care is taken in your positioning during the procedure and in the recovery period, you should be able to combine the two.

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Butt Lift and Breast Implant combination


Although many surgeons do combination procedures to reduce the need for multiple stages and keep the time off from work to a minimum, one needs to consider the risks of anesthesia for long surgeries that will rise dramatically beyond 6 hours. Also, particularly with breast implants, when considering the risks of infection around foreign body implants, be very careful the combination does not increase the risk of this complication.

Please respect your surgeon's warning if he recommends that a staged procedure be less risky than the combination. We all want the best results with the lowest risk profile.

Randy Wong, MD
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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Yes, these two procedures can be combined


As with any procedure, we would need to evaluate you to make sure you're a good candidate, but in general the Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation can be performed together, You'll need a bit more time for the recovery (usually 7-10 days or so) so plan on taking it easy after the procedure.

Good luck!

Dr. S

Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Difficult recovery for Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation with Implants


Yes this can be performed and this has been discussed elsewhere on Realself. Many physicians object because in the process for breast augmentation many paitents recover on their back which places pressure on the buttock region and may compromise the survival of the fat grafts.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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BBL combined with Breast Augmentation.


Of course they can. There is no actual rule stating the you CAN NOT sit on your buttocks after a BBL. If you are wearing the correct surgical girdle after surgery then there wouldn't be a problem with sitting. The correct surgical girdle protects the harvested fat that was injected by keeping it in place even while sitting on your buttocks. This way your BBL and your Breast Augmentation are safe during your recovery time.

Mel T. Ortega, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation


Yes, it is not uncommon for me to perform brazilian butt lift along with breast augmentation at the same time.

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Combining Butt Lift / Lower Body Lift and Breast Implants


Breast reduction and “butt lift, or lower body lift are both fairly extensive surgeries on their own. Both can be performed alone as same day, outpatient procedures but are more often performed with overnight observation. In healthy patients, it would be safe to combine the two procedures. In that case, however, the surgery definitely should be performed in a hospital setting with overnight observation.

Max Polo, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Simultaneous Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation


While it is possible to perform a brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation during the same procedure, I usually do not combine these procedures into the same operation.  Even though patients often ask for these procedures to be performed in the same setting, positioning during these two surgeries is quite different and could possibly compromise the outcome of the other if performed at the same time.  For example, for breast augmentation, patients must be positioned on their back and lying on the stomach immediately after breast implants are placed can place excessive pressure on the implants causing them to shift or move to an undesired position.  Similarly, to perform a Brazilian butt lift, patient must be positioned on their stomach for the fat transfer portion of the procedure.  Prolonged lying or sitting on the buttocks immediately after fat transfer may alter the the shape of the newly augmented gluteal region.  To obtain consistent, predictable results, I perform these two operations separately in a staged fashion with approximately six weeks to three months between procedures.   

Jaime Perez, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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