Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Remove Cellulite?

I was wondering if a Brazilian but lift helps to remove my cellulite on my butt. I don't have a lot but you can see some dimplings which bothers me. I find a doctor here in the Netherlands that told me it was possible, but I am still not sure. I hope to get an answer because I don't want to do a Brazilian but lift if it doesn't helps for my cellulite.

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Brazillian butt lift for cellulite?

After a Brazilian butt lift your contour will certainly improved dramatically.  Your skin will also improve but no one should guarantee that cellulite will disappear.  In an outpatient setting I will take no more than 5000 cc of liposuction fat and transfer approximately 3000 cc to the buttocks. The contour improves so dramatically that the remaining cellulite becomes less of a concern. I would not recommend a brazillian butt lift if you main concern is cellulite and not contour.


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Cellulite and the Brazilian Butt Lift

I perform about 2-3 Brazilian Butt Lifts a week and can tell you that it won’t remove cellulite but it does help with cellulite. A lot of my patients have mentioned a reduction in the cellulite in their buttock region after having this procedure done. There is no cure on the market for removal of cellulite without an excision, but the Brazilian Butt Lift does help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

I have before and after photos and detailed information about the procedure on my website if you are interested in more information.

Brazilian butt lift and cellulite

Female patients tend to develop cellulite in their buttocks with time because they are more likely to have certain particular types of fat and connective tissue. The ratio of fat to connective tissue manifests what is called cellulite. I have noticed in those of my patients who have opted for a Brazilian butt lift that most cellulite is located on the central and lower part of the buttock and manifests itself as dimples of different sizes.
Cellulite does get better in those patients whose cellulite is mostly caused by a structural weakening of the fat as compared to the underlying connective tissue that is attached to the skin and deep tissue of the buttocks. In these patients, I have found out that injecting fat and the augmentation of the buttocks decreases the cellulite appearance but does not completely remove it.

In an attempt to decrease or remove the dimples in the buttocks, this connective tissue under the dimple is released but this can create sagginess of the fat pocket, thus creating an unnatural appearance of your buttocks.

The main goal of the Brazilian butt lift is to transform, not only the butt’s fullness but also the aesthetic balance of the hip to waist ratio. If your main focus is to have your cellulite to completely disappear, then, you are not going to be a good candidate for the surgery because, although the procedure will improve cellulite, it is not going to completely eliminate the dimples associated with it. The dimples can also be caused by excessive skin as it relates to butt volume and excising the skin and lifting the butt will improve the unnatural folds.

Cellulite correction with BBL

I am impressed that after your post op swelling has resolved so will the improvement in your cellulite. Techniques vary as do results. Perhaps you could see some long term follow up photos to demonstrate your surgeon's results in the past. Good luck

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