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Botox in Forehead Not Working As Well As Other Areas

I had botox injections in my crows feet, frown lines and forehead 5 days ago. My first time having injections. It appears to be working great on my crows feet and frown lines. But my forehead is not responding quite as well as I hoped. Is this normal since it's a larger area that is injected?

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Wait to see results

It can take up to 2 weeks for results to appear. If by two weeks you still aren't satisfied with your forehead results, please return to your injector. Perhaps not enough was administered. It is common for the dosage to be on the conservative side when patients are getting Botox for the first time.

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Delayed forehead results after Botox


Each patient is different.  Usually results start to be seen at 4 days.  Sometimes it takes 10 to 14 days before results are seen.  If after this time you don't see results, best to contact your injector.  Let them know your thoughts.

Jeffrey Roth, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Botox Results in the Forehead


The results of Botox vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. You may not have had as much product as needed to fully relax these muscles injected, you may not have had as many individual injections on the forehead to reach all the areas of the muscle fibers, or you may have strong, active forehead muscles that need more product to fully paralyze them. If you're still concerned, speak with your physician about using more product/injection sites. 

Cameron Rokhsar, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox in the forehead


If this is your first time, it can take a little longer for the product to work. Give it up to two weeks, and then if you feel you could benefit from more product, revisit your provider for additional treatment.

Sam Naficy, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox for the forehead


Most physicians inject conservative amounts of Botox into the forehead since too much Botox can cause the eyebrows to droop.  Wait for 10 days to see the full effect of your treatment and if you still have too much forehead movement, return to your injector for assessment.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist
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Botox is great for forehead wrinkles


Neuromodulators are great for the forehead.   Botox, a neuromodulator works by weakeing the muscles and creating a smoother appearance. 

 It is very important to make sure that the injection was done correctly at the proper depth in relation to the muscle and the proper concentration.  If done well, this is an excellent choice for your forehead wrinkles.

Robert Mounsey, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Doctors don’t usually put as much in the forehead because often the result can look frozen


Doctors don’t usually put as much in the forehead because often the result can look frozen. You can get more put in, if that is what meets your desired aesthetic look. But it is common for doctors to put less product in the forehead because often a desired result is to look smooth, not frozen.

Joseph A. Eviatar, MD, FACS
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Botox may take longer to give results in the forehead than the crows' feet


Botox may take longer to give results in the forehead than the crows' feet. The muscles there are larger and very developed in some people. Over-treatment of the forehead with Botox can give an unnatural appearance and may drive the brows down. Because of this, in some people only a partial improvement can be obtained. Collagen or other fillers can be used to supplement the Botox effect. For more information, see the link below

William P. Coleman III, MD
Metairie Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botulinum (Dysport or Botox) effect on the forehead lines and wrinkles: length of time to see results


This occurs for several reasons: 1) I advise patients that it may take up to two weeks to see a more pronounced result 2) Excessive injection of botulinum toxin into the forehead can lower the brows 3) it may take up to 2-3 months for estaiblished forehead wrinkles to soften after the muscles are relaxed.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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5 Ways to Maximize Botox Results on the Forehead


The efficacy of botox on the forehead depends on several factors:

1.  Degree of Paralysis Desired by the Patient:  If you want complete immobilization, then high dose of botox is required.  However, in my experience, most people seem to prefer movable forehead and only softening of wrinkles in the forehead

2.  Location of the Wrinkle on the Forehead:  Higher(towards the top of the scalp) lines tend to respond better, whereas lower lines respond less.  Most doctors inject higher up on the forehead to avoid brow ptosis or sagging.  As such lower lines require other treatments such as fillers or ultra-conservative botox touch-up in that area.

3.  Static versus Movement Lines:  Botox will only really work on the movement lines, whereas static lines or folds will not respond.  These will require subcision, filler, underminig, and/or dermal thickening techniques.

4.  Dosage of Botox: Generally the higher dose, the better it works.  However, low placement on the forehead is riskly for brow ptosis.

5.  Location of Botox Injected:  Again, the lower the injection, the higher the risk.  It is far better to add small amount within two weeks.

When the above in combination still do not work, one really should consider surgical intervention in conjunction with autologous fat with stem cell.

George Sun, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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