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How Long After Bone Grafts and Dental Implants Before Playing Horn Again?

My daughter is having bone grafting and then dental implants for the two teeth next to her front teeth. The baby teeth fell out without permanant ones behing them. I am wondering about how much pain is involved, how long before she is able to eat real food but most importantly how long before she can blow on her horn again for band. I have heard several differant answers and don't want her to risk ruining the grafts.

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Bone grafts need 3-6 months on average

Grafting takes time.  Depending on locations, 3-6 months is usually enough healing time before implants can be placed, and an additional 3-6 months for the implants to integrate and heal.

The treating surgeon will be able to give a good estimate.

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It's up to the surgeon

Each surgeon will give you specific instructions following surgery of any kind. The internet is NOT the place to ask questions like this. We can not give you professional advice about a surgery for your daughter. There will be down time for sure and diet restrictions.

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