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I Had Body Jet/Aqualipo 6 Days Ago on Upper Lower Abs, Flanks. When Will Swelling Go Down?

I know there should be swelling and I wear my compression garment. But I did not consider I would not be able to fit into my cloths. The waist was tight on my cloths prior to the lipo but now I cannot get into my cloth. Any idea as to when the swelling will subside enough to wear my prior pants. I need to go back to work (office) tomorrow. thanks

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Aquashape, Body Jet, Water Liposuction: Post op swelling

You may be retaining fluid after the liposuction procedure.  You should check your weight with your pre-procedure weight.  You may find you are retaining fluid.  This is common and may need a diuretic to eliminate the extra fluid.

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Swelling after liposuction

You should have been placed in a liposuction garment that was very snug.  This would allow you to wear clothing more easily over the top.  Also I recommend that the patient take the following week off from work.

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I Had Body Jet/Aqualipo 6 Days Ago on Upper Lower Abs, Flanks. When Will Swelling Go Down?

Hi, thank you for your question.  The worst swelling is usually in the first week.  Especially with the Body Jet, you retain more fluids the first few days.  Typically by 10 - 14 days you should see a lot of the initial swelling go down.  You will see continued improvement for months.

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