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Best Cream to Lighten Brown Spots on Hands?

I have lots of brown spots on my hands. Laser treatment did not take them away. What is the best cream I can buy to help? Thanks.

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Hydroquinone 4% Cream + tretinoin or Retin A , both prescriptions


The brown spots are llikely to be lentigos which are from the sun. The first step is prevention which is by using a UVAUVB suncreen of at least spf #30 when you are outdoors. In my opinion, over the counter fade creams are not very effective. I recommend that you see a dermatologist to be certain of the diagnosis. The doctor may prescribe a fade cream with hydroquinone 4% to be used with tretinoin or generic Retin A. The Retin A will enhance the fade cream benefit.

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Best Cream for Brown Spots on Hands


Triluma is a prescription cream. It is a combination of a bleaching agent, a mild steroid and retin A. It should certainly help.

However, if this fails you can get a chemical peel or IPL (Intense Pulse Light) by a medical professional.

It is important to remember that you can get the spots back once exposed to sun. Sun protection using sunscreen twice a day every day is essential. It might seem silly but wearing gloves at all times is one of the best ways to prevent the daily sun exposure.

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