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Bad Headache from Botox Injections, When Will It Stop?

I had Botox 1 week ago and have had a horrible horrible headache for a week. My forehead feels heavy and my right eye is achy and heavy. Nothing helps! I thought Botox was supposed to eliminate headaches but this has caused a tremendous one that is relentless. Will I have to suffer for 4 months until this wears off? Dear God, that would be awful. Please help:(

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Headache caused by Botox

We have learned through our work on "surgical treatment of migraine headaches" that some of the superficial nerves in the head and neck can lead to headaches.  This is why our surgical and in some instances Botox works to relieve headache pain.  Likewise, if you inject the area with Botox and caused some inflammation/irritation around the nerve this can also lead to headache pain.  This should resolve shortly as the inflammation subsides.

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Bad Headache from Botox Injections, When Will It Stop

Some people report a 'botox headache' that happens soon after the injection of Botox for cosmetic reasons and continues for about 4 - 7 days. I suspect it is due to the weakening of some of the muscles which is a temporary thing. It is unlikely to last for the entire duration of 3 months. Over the counter analgesia should help.

Botox Headaches

Some patients do experience headaches after Botox while others don't experience one at all. When Botox headaches do occur they are normally mild, do not last more than a few days and are easily treated with ibuprofen. Botox is FDA approved to treat migraines, so a headache from the injection should not typically last that long or be that severe. If it does, I recommend seeing the physician who did the Botox for further evaluation. “Dr. D”

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Headache with Botox

While Botox is approved to treat migraine headaches, it can also be associated with a mild or dull headache that can occur after injection into the forehead for cosmetic use.  I generally warn my patients that this can occur and tell them that if a headache does occur, it should be mild, easily treatable with acetominophen or ibuprofen, and should not last more than a few days.  If you experience a headache that you have never experienced before having Botox, I would recommend being seen by the provider that injected the Botox for an evaluation.  A "heavy" sensation, which I consider to be different than a headache, may be due to too much Botox being injected into the upper forehead.  In most cases, this sensation will ease with time, but prior to the 3-4 months it takes for the Botox to wear off.

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Botox and headaches

Yes, Botox works to help alleviate headaches, but with that being said, sometimes people get headaches from the injections themselves too as it's basically a slight trauma to the area. These headaches usually stop within a few days, so I'd think yours should subside any time now. If not, please see your injector as something else could be going on. It should NOT last for four months at all!

Headache after Botox, Dysport, Xeomin

Headache is one of the most common side effects after a Neuromodulator injection. Although it is not common to get any side effect from the injections, when it does happen it usually last a few days to few weeks. If it severe and continues you may want to be seen by a doctor for further evaluation.


Hope you feel better soon!

Botox injection and headaches

Headaches can happen with any form of injection in the scalp region. Botox headaches usually if they occur last for a few days. Sometimes if you developed a bruise, it can last longer.  If concerned, you should see your doctor.

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Generally headaches after BOTOX are very rare.

When they do occur, they last a few days before resolving.  Obviously, it you have severe headaches as a result of you BOTOX, you may consider not getting botulinum toxin in the future.  I strongly recommend that you call your injecting physician for their advice.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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There are many causes for the headache you describe.

While it is possible that you could get a headache after BTX-A [BOTOX, XEOMIN, Dysport] injection -- for example, if the needle touched the underlying bone -- there are a number of unrelated medical conditions which could cause the symptoms you are complaining of, so if I were you I'd return to the doctor who injected you, and if necessary also see your family doctor for assessment and/or referral to a headache specialist.

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Headache after Botox

I strongly advise you seek attention for this, as it could be a symptom of an underlying issue.  Typically patients who experience a headache after injections see improvement within a few days.  Notify your injector as soon as possible. 

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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