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Baby Boy Has Bilateral Microtia- Will Medicaid Cover Surgery?

Will medicaid pay for bilateral microtia for my son. He is still an infant.

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Microtia Covered by Medicaid, MediCal, and Insurance


Yes, Medicaid covers reconstruction of congenital deformities such as microtia (absent, or ear remnants. I would recommend going to a Craniofacial Clinic associated with a pediatric hospital. 

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Microtia reconstruction is performed around 6-8 years old and is often covered.


Insurance coverage for rebuilding the ear is possible.

  1. There are a few options for improving hearing (BAHA or canal reconstruction) and
  2. Several options for rebuilding the ear :  (Rib graft or implant or prosthetic ear)  can be discussed at your surgeons consult, but we wait for 5-8 years to start the repair. 

One option would be to contact LSU Baton Rouge Facial Plastic Surgery for a consult.

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