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Average Cost for Restylane Under Eye Fillers?

What's the average cost for restalyne fillers under eye? I went for a consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon, he says I need 1 syringe per eye,$2500 Tx both eyes. Price is expensive, please let me know if this price is reasonable/ not? Where can I find an affordable oculoplastic surgeon in CA?

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Cost of filler for under eyes

The cost charged for filler under the eyelid may be dependent on the complexity of your situation, the amount of product, the city and the phsyician. 800 - 1600 or more.

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Under eye restylane

The fee for restylane can vary around the country. I think you can find a range between $650 -$1250/syringe in most communities.

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Check with your plastic surgeon, get an accurate estimate!

In the vast majority of medical practices, Restylane is charged by the syringe. A syringe that holds 1.0cc of Restylane typically costs between $400 and $600. The number of syringes utilized is dependent on the patient’s physical findings and aesthetic goals.
It’s important to discuss these issues with your plastic surgeon before proceeding with treatment. This will minimize confusion and ultimately result in a higher level of patient satisfaction.

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Cost for Restylane Under Eye Fillers

Pricing in one area will not be appropriate for another area. So, while this pricing would not be appropriate for South Florida, it may be appropriate in your area. We are currently charging $550 for the first syringe and $450 for the second.

Visit the to find injectors in your area. The website will identify the top injectors in your area. You should consult with 3 top injectors in your to find the one that best fits your needs.

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Restylane cost

In Toronto, Ontario, Restylane is generally charged by the syringe and not by the area. It would range from $600 to $700 for a syringe regardless of where it is injected. The amount you would require depends on a physical examination of your concern and your expectations.

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Under eye Restylane is the most demanding location.

What you are paying for is yes the cost of the Restylane.  However, you are also paying for the time of the surgeon to use their experience, skill, and artistry to place the material.   The material can't be just slammed in like it is low in the cheek or in the chin, or nasolabial fold.  This is essentially surgery that happens to be performed in the office through a needle.  With experience, under eye Restylane is more powerful than any midface or lower eyelid surgery.  Yes the service is expensive.  However it is also an art form.  I am not familiar with too many dermatologists in Los Angeles who are doing a great job under the eyes and only charging $800 per syringe.  

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Cost of Restylane Under the Eyes...Avoid the Large Cost of Complications


The cost of Restylane treatment under the eye for hollows  is partially relate to the amount of product used, but this is an extremely delicate and unforgiving area for injections, and the risk of significant long term complications is high.  The charge should range from $600 to $1000.  Expect to be charged a premium by an experienced physician as it is a procedure that should be done with precision and slowly.  At your first treatment I would treat you conservatively with no more than 0.5 cc per side.  You can always add more, but if you put in too much, then trouble!  Jonathan Hoenig, MD , Robert Goldberg, MD, and Michael Groth, MD  are excellent opthalomoplastic surgeons in the Los Angeles/ Beverly Hills area.  You can also choose an experienced facial plastic surgeon, in which case I would be willing to "fill" your needs.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Simple Math

In California, the average cost of Restylane performed by a highly qualified dermatologist is $700-800 per syringe. You may require two syringes for underneath the eye, but that would make it $1400-1600.

Simple math...

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Most places charge by how many units of the product will be used for treatment

Most places charge by how many units of the product will be used for treatment, not by the area of the face being treated.

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