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What Appliances Are Used in Reversing Extractions for Braces?

I am about to start Phase II TMJ treatment following 2 x upper bicuspid extraction & maxillary retraction with traditional orthodontics. Dr's who treat this problem : exactly what appliances do you use for expansion? Are removable expanders reliable? Even with night-time only wear? Is 4 months expansion enough time with no retention/stability phase prior to fixed expander removal? Does ALF expansion really work, or is key-turn just as good/better? I want to know from Drs who treat extraction reversal: what appliances do you use? Do you use fixed or removable? ALF or key-turn expansion? Is part-time wear of a removable expander a valid option, or must it be full-time wear? Is expansion stable if the fixed expander is removed after only 4 months (no retention)? Any info appreciated

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Reversing extractions for braces?

Hard to figure out exactly what is going on.  Are you interested in reopening the spaces where the teeth were extracted?  Does that mean that you are seeing a new doctor who disagrees with the initial diagnosis?

Are you asking about various types of expansion treatment to restore the spaces of the extracted teeth?

How do you think expansion will help your overjet (the reason upper premolars are usually extracted?

Have to tell you...the one time I got a transfer patient whose 2nd doctor was reopening extraction sites was a disaster.....yes the spaces were reopened but the roots were destroyed (the second doctor was sued and lost)

Sounds like you really need to get a few unbiased opinions from orthodontists and skip this internet stuff...way to complicated to get a good answer....good luck!

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