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How Soon After Anchor Lift Surgery Are You in the Clear From Necrosis?

I am wondering how quickly necrosis generally shows up after an anchor breast lift? When can I feel safe? Also, I had nipple sensation right out of surgery. Does that mean I have dogged that bullet and it is hear to stay? Thank you!

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Skin necrosis timing following a breast lift.

Necrosis is due to a lack of blood supply in the breast tissue. This is typically obvious in the first hours to days following surgery. Fat necrosis usually is discovered in the weeks to months following surgery as a firm mass within the breast. If you have sensation in the nipple following surgery, it is highly unlikely that you will lose that sensation.

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Skin necrosis after mastopexy

Generally necrosis will occur within 1-2 weeks. Nipple sensation at this early stage is definitely a positive sign. Good luck. Sounds as if you are doing great.

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Skin necrosis and mastopexy

If you are concerned about the nipple, necrosis usually occurs quickly within hours to days.  Skin at the t-junction can breakdown from necrosis or tension within the first ten days to two weeks.

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Necrosis after Anchor Lift

You're in the clear after 1 wk.  Total cost is $5560 at my practice.

Dr Foster 

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Necrosis after anchor incision

What type of necrosis? Skin or fat?  Usually skin issues occur in the early post-op period( 1st week or so).  Fat necrosis may show up as a firm area of the breast and may not drain for several weeks to months if at all.

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Necrosis after breast lift/reduction

A photo would have helped but necrosis becomes visible immediately and is always numb.  The only other kind of necorisi is of the fat and this isn't visible as it is deeper than the skin and becomes hard over months.

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Breast lift

You will not lose further sensation. Fat necrosis can present up to six months post op. For an anchor style lift it is rare.

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The rare complication of nipple necrosis or lose after breast lift surgery

Although nipple necrosis or lose after breast lift is a rare complication due to compromised blood flow to the nipple and areolar complex it is a devastating complication that needs to be avoided with proper surgical technique. The signs of pending necrosis maybe seen in surgery or soon after in the first 12 to 24 hours. If the nipples are viable after the first 24 to 48 hours you should be safe. Regarding nipple sensation lose which is around 5% to 10% if your sensation is normal or you have sensation after surgery you should have a promising outcome!


Good luck

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Anchor lift

Typically, sensation that is present immediately following surgery will not be lost.  Skin discoloration and "bruising" is a sign of tissue injury, and if seen in the first few days after surgery could lead to necrosis, although most will heal.  

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Complications of Breast Lift

If you have nipple sensitivity immediately after surgery, then it will not change later. If, however, there is some loss of sensitivity right after surgery there may be some return over the next year, but not always. As far as tissue necrosis goes, it should be obvious in the first few days after surgery. I have seen only one patient who had delayed necrosis. Her  tissues were OK until she took a migraine pill and had rapid loss of both nipples. She was a smoker and so was a setup for problems with circulation. The migraine caused constriction of the vessels and what little circulation was left shut down.

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