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Vaginal Discharge After Smart Lipo - Normal?

The lipo was done to my abs and flanks. It has been almost 3 wks and I noticed it about 5 days after the procedure. I also have an IUD so I was wondering if it may had some interaction with the lipo. The discarge is white with a yellowish tint with little to no odor.

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Vaginal discharge after smart lipo


Any new vaginal discharge, regardless of undergoing liposuction of a conventional or smart lipo type, should be evaluated by your gynecologist. 

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Vaginal discharge


If you are having a vaginal discharge after liposuction,  it may or may not be related. Either way you should see your gyn.

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Vaginal Discharge After Smart Lipo - Normal?


Go see you GYN ASAP! But there is no relationship between Smart Lipo and vaginal discharge. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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