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Is my Acne Severe Enough to Take Accutane?

I have 4 cystic pimples right now and plenty of other ones. I've used almost every topical acne prescription there is. I've taken tetracycline, doxycycline and started taking 50 mg minocycline twice daily, a month ago.

I saw little difference after about 2 weeks, then it seemed to get worse. I know I need to stay on it longer to see full results but how long should that take and is this experience normal?

And if it doesn't work, should I take Accutane? How long should that take to show results?

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When to use Accutane


Although your acne is not severe, because it has proven refractory to other treatments you are a candidate for Accutane.  I would consider it.  If there is any scarring with your acne, then I would strongly suggest it.  Best to you.

Sacramento Dermatologic Surgeon
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